Add a Personal Touch to Your Holiday Shipping

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday shopping spending this November and December is expected to increase 13-15 percent over 2012. Improved consumer confidence, consumer credit, and disposable personal income will contribute to an increased spend of up to $82 billion this holiday season. Online shopping will see the largest growth. NRF President and CEO, Matthew Shay, explains, “In this economy, savvy, cost-conscious consumers go to the web to do their research and get the best bang for their buck.” Black Friday 2013 was the holiday season’s first day of online shopping that surpassed $1 billion, with a $1.2 billion day; a 15% increase over Black Friday 2012.

Holiday ShippingThe rise in online shopping is good for the economy in general, especially for consumers who are getting products at deeper discounts than are available from brick and mortar stores (as well as discounted or free shipping). Online shopping is good for retailers whose sales are improving dramatically as consumers look for easier and cheaper ways to buy. However, there are some areas of the supply chain who are suffering due to the rise in online shopping. Small businesses that rely on customers to come in to their store and on customers who value the personal experience over the cheapest price are feeling the impact because of the rise in e-commerce.

Another effect of the prevalence of online shopping is that the traditional process of buying, wrapping, and delivering holiday gifts is becoming less common. Online retailers offer gift wrapping and shipping direct to the recipient, making it very hard for consumers to turn down the ease of shopping this way. Let’s be honest – gift cards and online shopping and shipping take less time and effort, but lack that personal touch and holiday spirit.

One way to maintain the tradition of holiday shopping is to utilize the custom packing and shipping options offered by stores such as Pak Mail. The Pak Mail in Ocala, FL was recently featured in the Ocala Star Banner. “Shipping stores adding services to lure more customers” is an article about shipping stores expanding their offerings to compete with the rise of online shopping. Pak Mail manager, Walter Arnold, explained how services like Christmas gift wrapping helps keep customers coming back to his location. Arnold’s Pak Mail in Ocala isn’t the only location offering holiday shipping services – this is something offered at all of Pak Mail’s several hundred stores throughout the country. Simply bring in your gift and we can pack, wrap, and select the proper shipping method so that your package arrives safe and on time this holiday season.

Custom packing and shipping isn’t only available during the holiday season. Pak Mail will pack anything you need shipped – whether it’s going across the state or across the country at any time during the year. Trust your local Pak Mail to pack and ship anything, anywhere, anytime.

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