To the Gifts That Don’t Need Packaged

For many, Thanksgiving signifies the start of the holiday gift-giving season. Stores across the country are offering big discounts on everything from 80-inch TVs to themed coffee mugs. Many of the items purchased will then be brought into a Pak Mail store to be packaged and shipped to friends and family across the globe. Today, though, we’d like to salute and send thanks for the gifts which don’t need to be packaged.

We’re talking about the phone calls to family members, or the pure joy in your dog’s face when she tackles you as you walk in the door. How about a delicious home-cooked meal after you’ve been ordering takeout for weeks? Also, there is the time spent catching up with old friends who are in town for the holidays. Although you don’t keep in touch as much as you’d like, you still pick up right where you left off like nothing has changed.

Likewise, it’s volunteering at a local community event or donating to a charitable cause. It’s helping the neighbors shovel snow out of their driveway. It’s holding the door for a stranger at a restaurant or inviting friends to your home for the holidays. Take advantage of the opportunity to make a positive impact on those in your community.

Mostly, it’s a chance to say thanks and give back for all the little things in life that turn out to be big things.

For us at Pak Mail, we want to say thanks to our customers for allowing us to do what we do for the last 32 years and counting.


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