How to Keep Packages Safe this Holiday Season

While many are expecting packages and gifts to arrive this week, news stations around the country are airing a similar (and unnerving) story this holiday season. In a disturbing trend, thieves are stealing holiday packages right off doorsteps!

How to prevent a grinch from stealing your holiday presents

Austin, Texas Pak Mail store owner Joel Altsman was interviewed in this segment and he provided several helpful tips to help ensure your packages arrive safely:

  • Always request a signature of receipt from the shipper.
  • Ship packages to your work or place of employment.
  • Send packages in an unmarked box so it’s not obvious what’s inside.
  • Rent a mailbox and have items held there for safekeeping.

Altsman noted that by renting a mailbox at your local Pak Mail, store employees will also sign for and hold your packages, preventing not only the threat of theft but also weather damage that could occur in certain climates.

Visit your local Pak Mail store and our friendly staff will ensure your package arrives safely this holiday season.

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