An Open Letter to Failed New Year’s Resolutions:

Dear Failed New Year’s Resolutions,

We know it is not your fault that someone picked you as “their” resolution with zero intent of actually completing you, the resolution.

We’ve been there. It’s the end of December and someone decided they are going to work on a New Year’s Resolution in the upcoming year. Then, before you know it, it’s the end of January and they haven’t had a chance to even think about you. It’s not their fault; school started up again, a new quarter at work began, emails piled up over the holidays, etc.

We are here to help Failed Resolutions find a new home and peace of mind.

Pak Mail offers services to come to households, pick up items, properly pack and ship them. What does that mean for you as a resolution? Well, you can be a treadmill that runs free at a new home, Spring cleaning will be a breeze when we pack everything and move it to a storage unit, and stress levels will drop when packages to loved ones arrive safe and sound.

Sounds nice, right? Our philosophy is that a New Year’s Resolution should not be a dusty piece of equipment that sits in the corner of a bedroom and haunts its owner for years. We want people to make a new, New Year’s Resolution: de-clutter, save money, and take care of the chores that seem to never get done. Trust us, it will feel better to be a successful New Year’s Resolution rather than just another Failed New Year’s Resolution. You might even free up some extra money for someone to spend on family or that trip they have always wanted to go on. (We will be writing a letter to lost bags as well… it’s not their fault.)

Happy New Year,
Pak Mail

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