Pak Mail Provides New Management For USAFA Cadet Package Receiving Services Facility

Colorado Springs, Colorado – The Pak Mail Center located at 4419 Centennial Boulevard in Colorado Springs announced today that it is the new Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) contractor for the Cadet Package Receiving Services at the US Air Force Academy. Colorado Springs resident and Pak Mail storeowner, Christine Race signed the AAFES agreement on June 1 of this year.

The US Air Force Academy facility receives UPS, FedEx, and DHL shipments for cadets. New additional cadet services include domestic and international packing and shipping, shipping supplies, return service (pre-labeled UPS and FedEx) shipping, black and white copies, notary, and faxing. These services will make sending and receiving packages, much easier for the cadets at the Academy.

Mrs. Race said, “Working with and helping the AAFES gives me a great sense of joy. At Pak Mail we believe in being a part of the Colorado Springs community and also providing our expertise whenever possible. This partnership enables us to fulfill both of these core values.”

Mrs. Race brings well-rounded expertise in package shipping and receiving to the cadet facility. She has owned the Centennial Boulevard Pak Mail since 2008. The store is a valuable part of the community, participating in numerous charitable activities over the years, including Cell Phones for Soldiers, a non-profit that provides calling cards to troops so that they can call home.

Visit the US Air Force Academy Cadet Package Receiving page for more information about all the services Pak Mail provides.

About Pak Mail
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