Pak Mail Student Shipping


Yes, you read that right – Pak Mail student shipping – but, it’s not what you think. We are not in the business of shipping students from one place to another. You may have seen one of our posters advertising student shipping and it may have looked something like this:

Pak Mail Student Shipping

Poor choice of words? Perhaps.

Or perhaps, “We ship students” is exactly what we meant. We know that being a student is a defining characteristic and that the idea of student is an all-encompassing lifestyle. We also know that college is a time in a person’s life that deserves being embraced – not spent hauling boxes or furniture.

So, yes…we do ship students. We are experts in shipping, especially shipping those things that are dearest to you and your lifestyle. Shipping students means that we are able to ship every aspect of being a student. If you need to ship an entire dorm or apartment worth of belongings to school, or back home at the end of the year, we can help. If you only need to ship the important stuff, we can help with that, too.

Typical student items we ship include:


  • Laptops, desktops, printers


  • Text books, easy reading, magazines


  • Couches, chairs, bean bags, futons, rugs, desks


Musical instruments

  • Guitars, violins,


  • TVs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, lamps, clocks

Sporting equipment

  • Golf clubs, skis, snowboards, surfboards, tennis racquets


  • Photo albums, records, wall posters, decorations


  • Shoes, sneakers, flip flops, cleats, high heels, boots

No matter what you want to ship (except for your student), Pak Mail can help! We understand that moving to college should be an exciting time. The start of a new year is something that comes with a lot of emotion and stress, but the stress of loading and unloading the car, lugging boxes across campus and up the stairs or elevators shouldn’t be one of them. Shipping your belongings directly to your dorm, apartment, or house decreases the time and effort required to start a new school year. It also simplifies travel and creates a more relaxing trip to school, whether that is by car, train, or plane.

Let Pak Mail ease your move while providing a better environment for students to begin the school year, and for parents to send off their kids to live on their own for the year. Pak Mail offers convenience and reduces stress. Trust Pak Mail for all your student shipping and moving needs. Start the year off right by shipping your student directly to their new adventure!

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