Set a New Table this Holiday; Check Out Amish Furniture of Austin

When getting together with friends and family this holiday season, many picture sitting around a large table in comfy chairs, reminiscing about all the great memories of the last year. Or even waking up on a cold, snowy morning, opening up the wooden dresser to throw on a sweater before venturing outside to take in the natural beauty of a snowfall in December. There’s just something about the smell of hickory or maple wood furniture to set the festive mood.

Perhaps you or someone you know is looking for a new wooden kitchen table or TV stand. Consider giving Amish Furniture of Austin a try. With a showroom located in Anderson Mill, TX, Amish Furniture of Austin is family-owned and operated and offers American-made home furnishings from over 150 Amish Craftsman Workshops across the country. Their collection includes dining room tables, rocking chairs, dressers, bedframes, desks, cribs, and more. They also offer a variety of wood species including cherry, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut. You can even choose from over 19 different stain colors. Moreover, you know you’re getting a brand new piece because each piece of furniture isn’t crafted until you order it.

Maybe you’re shopping for a loved one who lives a thousand miles away. You can simply purchase your item and once it’s ready, bring it over to the Pak Mail on Highway 183 and Anderson Mill Road, conveniently located in the same shopping center as Amish Furniture of Austin. Pak Mail can expertly pack or crate and ship your item to its destination. No matter the size, the professionals at Pak Mail can handle it.

With 88% of the private companies in the U.S. employing 19 or fewer employees (Source: U.S. SBA), we at Pak Mail believe local businesses are vital to the health of the U.S. economy. Therefore, Pak Mail is pleased to feature Amish Furniture of Austin as our Featured Local Neighborhood Business and encourages residents to buy from local businesses.


(Source: Amish Furniture of Austin’s website)

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