Since 1984, Pak Mail diligently worked to build and improve a unique business model – and our success is no mystery. It is the direct result of the hard work, camaraderie, and inspiration of every member of the Pak Mail community, from the store to the International Support Center level, working within our system.

The Pak Mail History

  • Founded in 1984, Pak Mail has grown to be the world’s premier franchisor of packing, shipping, and business support services for commercial and residential customers.
  • Since then, Pak Mail has enjoyed a pattern of growth and development that places the company squarely within the multi-billion dollar logistics industry – and among the top franchise offerings in America.
  • Recognized worldwide, there are nearly 400 Pak Mail locations across the United States, Mexico, and Japan with continual plans for expansion.

How We Did It:

  • We pride ourselves on being experts in the packing and shipping industry.
  • We provide the best customer experience to every potential customer that walks into the store.
  • We project confidence, competence, and a service orientation integral to the Pak Mail brand.

Because of That:

  • We’ve earned a well-deserved reputation for exceptional satisfaction and business innovation.
  • Pak Mail features a proven business model that provides the foundation for sustained growth, opportunity, and success.