By joining the Pak Mail system, you’ll become a part of the ever-expanding shipping industry where nearly 20 million packages are handled every day.  Not only that, but Pak Mail’s broad service offerings and powerful network remove common barriers to entry, allowing you to gain a foothold in other industries including Freight Packing and Logistics services.

Furthermore, the shipping industry shows no signs of slowing down. By following Pak Mail’s proven system, you too can succeed.  The statistics below illustrate the opportunity waiting for you as a Pak Mail franchisee.

  • In June 2011, Supply Chain Digital released its list of the top global shipping companies. Leading the pack were UPS, DHL Express, FedEx and USPS – all of which see Pak Mail as their authorized shipping center.
  • USPS delivers to more than 151 million homes, businesses, and P.O. boxes in every state, city, town, and borough in this country.
  • On average, FedEx handles more than 3.4 million packages daily and UPS 15.8 million.
  • According to a March 2012 IBISWorld report, the Freight Packing & Logistics Services industry has hit the $2 billion mark.
  • DHL revealed that 439 million packages were shipped in 2011 alone.
  • Today, the packing and shipping industry has well surpassed the multi-billion dollar level. Join Pak Mail and learn how you can leverage trends like these to drive your success.