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How to Ship a Motorcycle?

Short of riding it to the destination, those seeking to transport a motorcycle are left with two options: open and closed shipping. While the method used is dependent upon the needs of the shipper, each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Whether you are the sole owner of your motorcycle, or a dealer needing to ship an entire showroom overseas, it is critical you understand all of the logistics involved in shipping your motorcycles or ATVs - from pick-up and preparation to arrival at the final destination.

crated motorcycleIf you’re looking for the cheapest option, then an open delivery is likely your best bet, albeit with a number of caveats. In this instance, the motorcycle is often shipped on a motorcycle carrier, which is a device similar to the bike holders you see on a public bus. This can leave the bike exposed to the elements and the normal wear and tear associated with shipping, which can in turn lead to damage. This then results in unnecessary additional costs, especially if any of the damage was pre-existing but not noted for coverage purposes.

The next best option is packaging and crating the motorcycle. Although it provides more protection, doing it yourself can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor, which can lead to cutting corners and increasing the risk of something going wrong during the shipping process. Like the motorcycle itself, the process of crating and shipping your own motorcycle has a lot of moving parts. In addition to the time expenditure, crating your own motorcycle can be very, very expensive. A multitude of tools are necessary to package the motorcycle properly and to minimize any damage, and unless they’re already at your disposal, the cost can become exceedingly prohibitive.

At Pak Mail, we possess the expertise and resources to ship your motorcycle (or any ATV for that matter) safely and securely to its destination. Our shipping experts will help you determine the most cost-effective method of transportation, providing a quote for the total cost while detailing the process for you. Next, we will start preparing your motorcycle for shipping.

This process typically begins with an inspection of your motorcycle, taking note of any pre-existing damage it may have, such as scratches, leaks, or broken components. Next we will begin the process of packaging and crating it. This typically involves ensuring all loose items are tied down or removed; protective coverings and cushioning to protect against bumps and shocks; and securing the motorcycle to its base with straps so as to prevent any unnecessary movement. The final step involves assembling the rest of the crate, which will help protect the motorcycle from the elements.

When shipping a motorcycle via crate, it should be noted that the battery must be disconnected and the gas and oil needs to be completely drained. This will help prevent leaks, which could damage not just the motorcycle, but the packaging as well. If you’ve never done this before, don’t fret, because our shipping and crating experts will handle all the logistics to ensure your motorcycle reaches its destination safely and securely.

Pak Mail has the experience, the expertise, and the carrier network to handle all of your motorcycle transportation needs.

Contact Pak Mail today to speak to one of our shipping experts today!