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How to Ship Internationally


With college students spending semesters abroad, people taking jobs overseas, and the growth in e-commerce, there is plenty of demand for international shipping. However, figuring out the best way, company, or mode of transportation to use proves to be an arduous task when it’s not something you do all the time. Luckily, Pak Mail offers a variety of international shipping options and knows the ins and outs of the entire process, so you don’t have to be an expert.

Here are a few ways that Pak Mail can help with your international shipping needs.

  1. Multiple International Shipping Options

Pak Mail can literally ship to any corner of the earth. If you’re moving to Canada and need your furniture shipped, Pak Mail can do it. If you’re in college and spending a semester abroad in Belgium, Pak Mail can ship your luggage or household items for you. Moreover, Pak Mail partners with multiple international shipping carriers. Because of this, they can offer both air and ocean shipping to best fit your budget and time frames.

  1. International Shipping Experts

Not only does Pak Mail have the ability to ship across the globe, they understand the different rules and regulations for international shipping. Pak Mail shipping experts will help you understand the processes and paperwork involved with customs. Pak Mail also offers export crating services for large freight shipments.

  1. Buying and Shipping Overseas

With the continued growth in e-commerce, more and more online buyers and sellers are looking for international shipping options for items they buy. Many collectors will buy unique paintings and specialty antiques in the United States and have it shipped to their home overseas. Pak Mail can help. Whether you need to ship shoes or large paintings internationally, your local Pak Mail can pack and ship your items so they arrive safely and intact.

The next time you need something shipped overseas or are just traveling, call or visit your local Pak Mail to see how they can make the transportation process easier.