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Packing and Shipping Tips in Westminster, CA

Tips for packing and shipping

Efficiently Pack and Mail Your Items in Westminster, CA

At Pak Mail Westminster, we understand the ins and outs of packing and shipping anything, anywhere. We use the safest, most reliable methods to pack and move everything from boxes and crates to equipment, machinery, and freight domestically and overseas. Let Pak Mail Westminster handle all of your shipping needs, from the everyday items and locations to those that are truly one-of-a-kind.

For your convenience, we have developed some brief guidelines to assist you as you pack and mail your items:

  • Use new corrugated shipping containers.
  • Wrap items individually.
  • Write clearly on all address labels.
  • Place an additional address label inside the box.
  • Avoid shipping or handling hazardous materials.
  • Use appropriate shipping crates, packing, and cushioning materials.
  • Get a receipt with delivery and tracking information.
  • Ship using the appropriate carrier.