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Specialty Shipping

Give us your big, oversized, heavy, or awkwardly shaped Items and we’ll create custom packing, crating and shipping plans for delivering your packages to their destinations safely and on time. Ship furniture, artwork, antiques, freight, and more.

International Shipping

Pak Mail can ship to just about any corner of the world. Our partnerships with air, truck, and ocean carriers give each local Pak Mail store the flexibility to select the fastest, safest international shipping options available.

Freight Shipping

Pak Mail professionals provide integrated global freight forwarding and logistics solutions by air, ground, and ocean for time-critical, expedited, recurring, and standard shipments.

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Why Pak Mail?
We Ship 35,000 Paintings Every Year

Business Services

Pak Mail partners with businesses looking for logistics, moving, mail and other services. Leverage our expertise to improve your efficiency.

Recent News

Do you ever get tired of looking at the same old furniture in the house or on the patio? Are your pictures on the wall gathering dust at an alarming rate? Does it seem like the ornaments and trinkets on your mantle have been there forever? Sometimes, a new look in the house is just what the doctor ordered. If you’re tired of looking at the same old home decorations at department stores and are in the market for a change, consider visiting the Colorado Antique Gallery in Littleton, CO.