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International Crate Shipping

We handle shipping of crates internationally

Crate and Ship Anywhere in the World

Pak Mail provides high quality international crate shipping solutions for destinations throughout the world. We provide custom solutions for crating heavy, oversize, and fragile items. We also provide crating and shipping for large, heavy, and valuable items, including machinery and industrial equipment. Whatever you need to crate and ship internationally, Pak Mail will handle all the details and protect your items all the way to their final destination.

Our certified packing experts utilize state-of-the-art packing and crating processes to ensure the best shipping method for your items and the most peace of mind for you. Here's how we do it:

  • We evaluate the composition, fragility, and value of the item to determine the best packing methods.
  • We use appropriate prefabricated crates, or we design and build one-of-a-kind wood crates or corrugated fiber-board containers to meet your needs.
  • We ensure the utmost protection during transportation by always using the proper packing materials.
  • When necessary, we secure shipments with pallets or skids to provide additional stability and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What countries can Pak Mail ship to?
    1. At Pak Mail, we build and ship crates internationally to nearly every country in the world.
  2. Can I insure my international crate shipment?
    1. Pak Mail offers declared value coverage for most international shipments. Speak with a Pak Mail international shipping expert regarding coverage for your shipment.
  3. What if my shipment doesn’t fit into a standard box or crate?
    1. Our certified packing and shipping experts evaluate the dimensions, value, and fragility of your specialty items and build a custom-sized box or crate for your shipment.
  4. How much does international crate shipping cost?
    1. The cost will depend on the shipment’s destination, weight, size, and other factors. Pak Mail’s international shipping team will discuss these factors to find the best solution for your shipment.

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