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Your Office Relocation Checklist to Complete Before the Big Move

An estimated 1 in 12 corporations moved their headquarters in 2022. That number is significant and seems likely to continue to grow as companies continue to try to adjust to the post-COVID landscape. Working with the right partner to help you perform an office relocation is necessary to make certain the job is done properly. Here at Pak Mail, we can help you with everything that you need to make this happen. In particular, we focus on helping to make sure your packing and shipping needs are taken care of no matter where your new office location is. 

Determining Your Shipping Needs

The first step in the process is to access your shipping requirements and take stock of the various furniture, equipment, and electronics that need to move on to your new office location. Having that inventory list ready to go will help you get through the process more quickly and in a more organized fashion. 

Select Your Shipping Methods

Think about the size and weight of the items that you need to move to your new office. Also, factor in the fragility of those items and how those items need to be shipped. Pak Mail can help with packing, crating and shipping office furniture, fixtures, electronics, technology, artwork, file cabinets and more.

Get The Right Packing Materials

Office Relocation

Pak Mail is happy to provide you with the high-quality packaging materials that you require to move your items. This may include important shipping materials such as bubble packagin, packing peanuts, and padding. Whatever you need to keep your items safe and protected, Pak Mail is happy to offer it. Because many office items are large, valuable, fragile and heavy, Pak Mail can take the packing process off your hands. We use expert custom packing techniques to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your items.

Put Labels on Properly

Ensure that you have placed labels on your packages in a clear manner. These labels will offer clear shipping instructions as well as making it easier to unpack the materials when they arrive in the new location. Everything will be organized and ready to go.

Shipping Documents

One of the most important resources that most businesses have within their walls are the documents that they hold there. Getting those documents moved from one location to another is extremely important to many companies as well. Thus, they can turn to Pak Mail's document shipping services to ensure that everything gets to where it needs to go.  From tracking to delivery confirmation, you can rest assured that your documents will get where they need to go. 

Setting Up Pickup and Delivery

With Pak Mail's services, you will be able to set up both pickup and delivery services on your own schedule and at times that work best for you. 

We Provide Shipping Coverage

Just to be extra certain that you have the confidence and peace of mind that you need when relocating your office, Pak Mail offers Declared Value Coverage* so that you have even more security in the knowledge that your items are covered in the case of accidental damage or loss.

Take Advantage of Shipment Tracking

Finally, we know that everyone likes to know exactly where their deliveries are during each step of the process. With our shipment tracking service, you can view your delivery in real-time and see what is happening at each step of the process. We firmly believe that this is the best way to stay on top of things and be certain that your office relocation goes smoothly. 

If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way towards an office relocation without the stress and anxiety that might otherwise come with this process. Reach out and find a Pak Mail location near you to get started. 

*Rules and Restrictions Apply

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