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Shipping Bikes in Lake Orion, MI

Are you in need of a professional and convenient bike shipping service? Look no further than Pak Mail. Pak Mail in Lake Orion, MI can ship your bike when and where you need it in excellent condition. Follow these packing steps to ensure the service meets your expectations and that your two-wheeler is in the proper condition.

Ship your bike with Pak Mail in Lake Orion, MI

Preparing to Ship a Bike? This Is What You Need

  • Bike box
  • Cable ties for securing loose parts
  • Cushioning materials such as padding, foam tubing, air pillows, or bubble packs
  • Packing tape for secure sealing. It should be at least 2 inches wide
  • A small box or bag for keeping small parts
  • Extra cardboard and cushioning material for added protection

How to Ship Your Bike

Carefully follow these instructions to pack your bike for shipping.

Disassemble the Bike

An assembled bike is costly to ship. Disassembling your bike ensures safe packaging and allows you to have compact packaging suitable for transport. These are the procedure to use:

  1. Start by removing the pedals from the forward sprocket without removing the derailleur or the sprocket.
  2. Next, remove the front wheel from the frame.
  3. Remove the handlebars from the frame. Also, remove any accessories that may increase the size of the box. Wrap any sharp or pointy parts to avoid damaging the box.
  4. Remove all the small accessories, pack them in a small box or secure bag, and seal them well.
  5. Attach the handlebars and the pedals to the frame using zip ties. Avoid disassembling the derailleur or the rear wheel. These parts may require you to hire an expert to re-assemble the bike.

Pack the Bike and Parts

Pak Mail’s bike shipping experts can do this packing for you to ensure safe and secure delivery.

  1. Start by applying packing tape (at least 2 inches wide) around the bottom of the box.
  2. Followed by filling the bottom of the box with cushioning materials such as air pillows or packing peanuts.
  3. Wrap the frame to protect it from scratches and put it in a box filled with cushioning material.
  4. Wrap any fragile parts using foam tubing. Cover any sharp parts appropriately.
  5. Add any parts in the space between the frame. Use another box and pack a separate shipment if you need to hold more parts.
  6. Cover the bike with cardboard and add the front wheel.
  7. Close the box and shake it. If there are any rattling parts, add more padding or use cable ties to hold the parts to the frame.

Seal the Bike

When everything is intact, close the box. Add a strip of tape around the box to hold the box intact. Also, add tape from the top to the bottom of the box for better reinforcement. The label "this side up" to increase the chances of shipping the box in your required orientation.

Pointers When Packing a Bike for Shipment

  • Don't deflate the tires. The air keeps the rims intact from dents and bents.
  • Ship the tools to your destination to avoid hiring re-assembly services.
  • Seal the accessories before putting them in the bike box.
  • Label "this side up." It increases the chances of getting it shipped in the orientation you prefer.
  • Label the box with a working contact address. This way, you can't lose the box.

Find a Shipping Carrier You Can Rely On

Your two-wheeler means so much to you as it does to us. Pak Mail helps you to choose the right shipping carrier and method to fit your needs. Find a Pak Mail location near you to get expert bike shipping services you can rely on.