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Estate Shipping in San Antonio, TX

Shipping of household items

Estate shipping has become popular with the modern alignment towards pay-for-convenience. These services usually cater to the shipment of valuables to and from estates, either commercial or residential. Pak Mail aims to cater to customers' needs in estate auctions, relocation, downsizing, or liquidation. We know that most of the estate shipments entail family heirlooms, furniture, or antiques, and the company has invested in the right equipment to ensure quality care for customers' property.

What to Know When Preparing for Estate Shipping

The shipped items need secure packages to avoid damage. This process involves moving valuable and fragile items which might need extra care while transporting and packing. The shipment must be packed, crated, stacked, and safeguarded using pallets. Proper and secure packaging is one of the significant ways of avoiding damage.

What Makes our Estate Shipping Services Unique

Various aspects make Pak Mail a go-to company for estate shipping services. Some of the unique attributes include the following.

Security and White-Glove Delivery Services

Pak Mail estate shipping services have invested in various sectors to ensure quality services. Shipped items should be secured and packaged to avoid damage. Pak Mail offers options, including full-service pick-up, door-to-door shipping, and white glove delivery.

Coverage for Valuable and Fragile Shipments

Our coverage options offer partial or complete coverage for the cargo being shipped. In addition, the packages include the following.

  • The policy is usually exclusive to the specific freight shipment
  • With coverage, customers can file a claim in case of damages, loss, pilferage, or theft, and the claim will be awarded based on the agreement's terms.

Effective Shipping Carriers

Pak Mail partners with the most trusted carriers to ship our client's goods. The estate shipping experts at Pak Mail will help you compare the options and costs associated with specific carriers, based on your specific needs.

Free Shipping Quotes for Estate Shipping Services

Pak Mail’s estate shipping team will provide you fast, accurate and detailed shipping quotes for your estate shipment. Call your local Pak Mail today for a free quote.

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