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Pack and Ship Services in Austin, TX

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Packing, Shipping & Other Services

Storage & Fulfillment Services

Pak Mail Anderson Mill offers professional, expert fulfillment services for Austin and the surrounding region. Pak Mail can streamline your business when you outsource your receiving and fulfillment business. We offer high-quality custom packing, crating, and shipping services when it's time to ship to your customers. Pak Mail even offers local pickup services to bring your products to our warehouse for safe storage. Call or visit Pak Mail Anderson Mill today to discuss your specific storage and fulfillment needs. 


Pak Mail Anderson Mill is a locally owned business that is part of a 400 store international franchise. Our motto is, We Ship Anything Anywhere! and we mean it. For some examples, check out our photo gallery and see some of the more unusual things we've handled for our customers.

As part of a large franchise organization, we have access to national accounts with all the major carriers (including UPS, FedEx, DHL, ABF, Yellow Roadway, R+L Carriers, and Estes Express to name a few) which translates not only into savings for you but, since we are independent of any of the carriers, we can pick the right one for your needs. We'll craft a solution that fits your item to be shipped as well as when you need it there.

We pack as well as ship to ensure your peace of mind. That incredibly fragile crystal vase or that $10,000 painting - we'll custom pack or crate it properly to withstand the rigors of the shipping system and get it there safely.

At Pak Mail Anderson Mill, our friendly shipping experts help you solve the toughest shipping challenges. Browse our service offerings and check out how we get the job done for you. Additionally, check out our other services such as notary, private mailbox rental, copies, and more!

We've been in business at this location since 2003 and have helped thousands of customers solve their logistics problems. Whether it's a birthday present for grandma that has to be there on time, a care package to a soldier or college student, fine china sent as a family heirloom, or large industrial equipment, we do it all! 

We'd love to be your one stop, full service logistics solutions partner. Stop by, call or email and give us a chance to help solve your problems! 

Pak Mail Anderson Mill is located on the northbound side of Highway 183, right before Anderson Mill Road. We are in the Anderson Arbor Shopping Center behind Texas Roadhouse, between Kerbey Lane Café and Gold's Gym.

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Business Services

At Pak Mail Anderson Mill we are your office away from the office!

Black & white and color copies, Private Mailbox Rental as well as full notary services, including notary signing agent.

We always have a notary public on duty whenever we're open, even on Saturday! Help prevent identity theft.  Keep your confidential information private with our secure, on-site document shredding service.  Bring us your documents and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they've been fully and securely shredded.

We can take care of your business printing needs, too.  Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, announcements,  rubber stamps, etc. are all available.


Here at Pak Mail Anderson Mill we try to be responsible members of our community.  Some of the things we’ve sponsored are high school sports, cheerleading, and Project Graduation.  In addition, we are active in the areas below on a daily basis.

We’re doing our part to care for the environment. 

As a member of the Plastic Loose Fill Council we will be glad to accept your excess "peanuts".  Please be sure they're clean and not mixed in with other materials and we'll make sure they stay out of the local landfill

Pak Mail Anderson Mill uses Bio-Bubble, 100% Degradable Bubble Wrap. After about 30 days in the landfill, it turns to water. And, there is no extra cost for using this bubble wrap.  A win-win for you and the planet!

Did you know that our troops overseas have to pay for phone calls home?  We are an official drop off point for this fantastic service that trades old cell phones for free calling cards for our troops.  Just bring us your old equipment and we'll take care of the rest.  Whenever we ship to one of our troops abroad we include a free 60 minute calling card so they can keep in touch with loved ones back home. Visit the Cell Phones for Soldiers for more information.

Freight Shipping

We offer Custom Crating, Palletizing and shipment preparation for any size or weight package.  In addition, we offer domestic and international air and ground shipping for your Less-Than-Load (LTL) or Full-Truck-Load (FTL) Freight.

You can choose from air, sea, or land freight and can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely and on time and there are no restrictions on size, location or destination.

Pak Mail offers innovative solutions for specialty freight challenges. We pack, crate, and ship, art, machinery, antiques, furniture, and equipment all over the world. Our specialists will provide consultation on the most efficient, time-sensitive, and cost-effective manner to pack and ship your specialty freight worldwide.

Furniture Shipping

We pack and ship furniture that's boxed or unboxed, we ship furniture that's brand new, and we ship furniture that's been in the family for generations.  We handle antiques, items sold on eBay, you name it - if you need furniture moved from one place to another, call on Pak Mail Anderson Mill in Austin.

Pak Mail Anderson Mill is ideal for those who need to send just one or two pieces of furniture; too small for a moving company to handle but just right for us.  Our personal approach means we clearly explain your shipping options to give you the best value for your situation.

We can get furniture from here to there overnight or with slower and more economical options depending on what you need so you get exactly the service level you need.

Blanket Wrap Service:

  1. Easiest for you
  2. Door to door inside pick-up and delivery
  3. Little to no packaging required
  4. Small number of transfers and more gentle transport
  5. Rates based on dimensions
  6. 2-8 week delivery options

Freight Carrier:

  1. Major carriers such as YRC and Estes Express
  2. Residential outside delivery
  3. Requires palletizing and packaging
  4. Economical rates based on weight
  5. 3-7 day delivery in the continental U.S.

Air Freight:

  1. Typically the fastest of all the freight services
  2. Requires packaging
  3. Best for shipments that are:
    • Time-critical
    • Especially valuable
    • Especially fragile
    • Examples include but are not limited to: electronics, art, sculptures, and antiques.


Click here to read our blog and get some valuable information and news.


At Pak Mail Anderson Mill we are the packing experts! We pack your items to the highest standards of our industry to ensure they withstand the rigors of the shipping system.  We have a wide array of box sizes in stock.  And, if we don't have the exact box you need, we'll even custom make one for you!

We use new corrugated shipping containers and pack in a way that is based on the needs of the item.  This ensures it's well protected. Everything from books to delicate crystal, china, and artwork. We know when it just needs to be in a box and when it needs bubble wrap, mover's or furniture wrap, styrofoam peanuts, glass mask, foam, double boxing, or even crating.

And speaking of crating, we do those, too!  If your item is very large and heavy or delicate and valuable, we can custom build just the right sized crate with inner packing to protect any item.  We'll put runners on the bottom so the trucking company can safely move it with their forklifts.


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Pak Mail Anderson Mill is an authorized shipper for FedEx, UPS, LSO, and DHL.  We also provide most post office services. 

We know which carriers do the best job for each type of package and destination and will carefully select the one that's best for you.  At Pak Mail Anderson Mill you've got choices and we've got expertise!

Specialty Shipping

At Pak Mail Anderson Mill we offer innovative solutions for specialty freight challenges in and out of the Austin and Central Texas area.  We pack, crate, and ship art, machinery, antiques, furniture, and equipment all over the world.  Our specialists will provide consultation on the most efficient, time-sensitive, and cost-effective manner to pack and ship your specialty freight worldwide.

Pak Mail Anderson Mill offers the following packing and shipping services:

  • Custom crate and container construction
  • Auction items, art, and antiques
  • Industrial, aerospace, and medical shipping
  • Estate and moving services
  • Temperature-controlled rail cars and trucks
  • Government/military packing and shipping
  • Institutional/educational packing and shipping
  • Shipment consolidation and multi-locale distribution


At Pak Mail Anderson Mill we strive to delight our customers so they will want to return time and time again. Read our reviews and see some things our customers have to say about us:

  • "I rent a private mailbox from Pak Mail for business purposes.  The service is very good.  They are good people to work with.  They are very accommodating.  I have used them for several years."
  • "Pak Mail shipped a birthday present for me.  I purchased stamps and tape as well.  The guy was friendly and the package got there on time.  They did a great job.  I will definitely use them again.  They are conveniently located and Joel the owner was nice to work with."
  • "I used Pak Mail to send certified mail with receipt of delivery. They said that they would call me when they were notified that the mail I sent was delivered and they did.  I would recommend using them for sending anything.  They are always polite, professional, and courteous."
  •  "If you need ANY shipping services, I recommend Pak Mail Anderson Mill. Your needs will be taken care of promptly and with a high level of customer care."
  • "Every time I have had to have something shipped that I needed to know 100% it will be somewhere by my deadline, I go to this Pak Mail. Even if it means extra trips vs. using a one stop print and ship place. I know they will do what I need. Keep Up the great service!!"
  • "Marissa is wonderful!  I will use your place from now on.  She is the greatest!  Give this girl (young lady) a raise."
  • "My brother who resided in Cedar Park, TX passed away this month.  I live in Bethlehem, PA.  I needed someone to go to his home, pick up some precious art work my mother had painted and ship the items to Pennsylvania.  I spoke to Joel.  He helped me through every step, including the best and most cost effective shipping for these precious paintings.  In an age of almost no customer service, Joel went above and beyond.  My family and I cannot thank him enough!"
  • "Dependable, Trustworthy, Dedicated ;) -- Just a few words to sum up the experience I have each time I visit Pak Mail on Anderson Mill. They handle all of my shipping and packing needs with a genuine smile. They are fast, efficient, and reliable. Thanks Joel for all that you and your team do!"


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