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Pack and Ship Services in Jonesboro, AR

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Pak Mail Jonesboro offers shipping, packing, crating and freight services in Jonesboro, AR. Get an estimate to ship your items now.

At Pak Mail Jonesboro, we pack and ship anything, anywhere. We ship large items, freight, artwork, antiques and much more. Our expert staff have years of experience with building crates and packing fragile items like artwork.

Packing, Shipping & Other Services

Storage & Fulfillment Services

Pak Mail Jonesboro offers professional, expert fulfillment services for Jonesboro and the surrounding region. Pak Mail can streamline your business when you outsource your receiving and fulfillment business. We offer high-quality custom packing, crating, and shipping services when it's time to ship to your customers. Pak Mail even offers local pickup services to bring your products to our warehouse for safe storage. Call or visit Pak Mail Jonesboro today to discuss your specific storage and fulfillment needs. 

Business Services

Custom Crating and Packing, Domestic and International Shipping, Freight and Specialty Shipping, Wide Selection of Carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx, YRC, ABF, DHL), Shipping and Receiving, Packaging and Moving Supplies, Internet Quoting and Tracking, Printing Services (Digital or Offset), Faxing and Photocopying, Mailbox Rental,Business Printing and Stationery, Notary Public, Local Pick-Up and Delivery Service


Pak Mail offers custom crating and custom shipping for heavy, oversized, and fragile items, including machinery and industrial equipment. Our certified packing experts utilize state-of-the-art custom crating processes to protect valuables during shipping.

  • We consider the item's fragility, composition, and value to determine the best packing methods.
  • We use prefabricated boxes, design and build one-of-a-kind wood crates and corrugated fiber-board containers.
  • We use appropriate packing materials to ensure protection during transportation.

Our custom shipping experts also secure shipments with pallets or skids to provide additional stability and handling.

Freight Shipping

From one side of the country to the other or from city to city, we can handle large shipments with ease. Through our established network we will ensure the job is completed at a fair market price in a timely manner.

  • We manage local, regional, and long-haul oversized, LTL, and full-truckload shipments with effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Palletizing, crating, packaging and stretch wrapping services available.
  • Major carriers such as ABF, YRC, Estes and many others.
  • There are no size or weight limitations, economical rates.
  • Residential & commercial delivery.
  • We utilize direct services to minimize potential for damage and to expedite time in transit
  • We offer domestic cargo coverage and full-service logistics and tracking to ensure convenient container freight, motor freight and rail freight delivery with a minimum of handling.


Jonesboro Pak Mail packs and ships heavy, oversized, and fragile items, including fine china and crystal, paintings and sculptures, machinery, and industrial equipment. Our certified packing experts utilize state-of-the-art packing processes to protect valuables during shipping from Jonesboro.

  • We assess the item’s fragility, composition, and value to determine the best packing methods.
  • We use prefabricated boxes; we design and build one-of-a-kind corrugated containers.
  • We design and build custom wooden boxes and crates, including stick crates, solid wall crates, and crates that are certified for international shipping.

We secure shipments on pallets or skids to provide additional stability and ease in handling. We’ve even palletized a 300-pound antique barber' chair and sink.


Shipping, Freight, Packing, Crating, Warehousing and Fulfillment, Mail Services, Mailbox Rental, Copy Services, Printing, Laminating, Binding, Shredding, Notary Services, Fax Services, Office Supplies, Packing and Moving Supplies, Key Duplication


We use only the best and most experienced small parcel domestic and international carriers in the business. We have relationships established with Federal Express, UPS, DHL and the US Postal Service. We will carefully select the right carrier for your shipment.

If you need to move an antique hutch or a even small apartment we can do it. We specialize in small moves of 2000 lbs and less.

From one side of the country to the other, or from city to city we can handle large shipments with ease. Through our established network we will get it done for the right price in a timely manner.

We have a wide variety of options for your international shipments. Whether you need it there overnight or in 4 weeks, we can make it happen.

Our vast array of freight forwarding options will meet your needs for those large shipments. Value and speed is our standard way of doing business. 

We provide our customers with multiple options for protecting the value of their shipments. Whether it's $20, $2000, or $200,000 - we've got you covered!

Specialty Shipping

Pak Mail offers innovative solutions for specialty freight challenges. We pack, crate, and ship, art, machinery, antiques, furniture, and equipment all over the world. Our specialists will provide consultation on the most efficient, time-sensitive, and cost-effective manner to pack and ship your specialty freight worldwide.

Pak Mail offers the following packing and shipping services:

  • Custom crate and container construction
  • Auction items, art, and antiques
  • Industrial, aerospace, and medical shipping
  • Estate and moving services
  • Temperature-controlled rail cars and trucks
  • Government/military packing and shipping
  • Institutional/educational packing and shipping
  • Corporate relocation
  • Shipment consolidation and multi-locale distribution


Customer Testimony

My name is Ray Davis of Ray Davis Handyman and Remodeling Services. I was doing a project that demanded I have my business name on my truck. I was in Pak Mail talking to Tim Kincade, the owner, about my business cards, which they have been printing for me for the last year and a half. He informed me that they could do magnetic vehicle signs and could duplicate my business card to the sign. They did, and I am very pleased! I got over $2000.00 in business the first week and get complements on the signs everyday. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks to Tim and the Pak Mail staff!

Customer Comment

I used the store located in Jonesboro, AR and wanted to send an email to the company of how satisfied I was with the service. I came in about 1 min. before closing with several packages to send. The people at the store still helped me with a smile. Other people came in right after me and they were also taken care of. I accidently left my bag of letters that I intended to drop at the post office (already stamped). Since it was Saturday afternoon, I had no choice but to call and leave a message about it that night. Before they were even opened on Monday, they called me to let me know that they also handle domestic mail and that they went ahead and mailed my letters for me on Saturday! I would NEVER get service like that from the Post Office (I know!), you will be getting more of my business and that of all the people I can recommend. Thank You for all your help!

A+ experience

I can't say enough great things about Tim and Dana at Pak Mail and their awesome customer service! I recently needed to ship an antique grandfather clock, an antique kitchen cabinet, my grandmother's rocker, antique dishes, very expensive crystal and several other smaller antiques and knick knacks from Jonesboro to Ft Lewis, Washington. I was very nervous about this, but Tim did an awesome job at putting my fears to rest. He came to the house to look at everything and explained in great detail about the crate and packing materials. He allowed me to drop things off several days early at my convenience and I even added more things the day the crate was going out and still no problem. Everything got to Washington perfect! I even had great customer service with the freight line company that shipped my crate. I would absolutely use Pak Mail in Jonesboro to ship anything anywhere! Friendly people and great customer service...a rarity in today's world! Truly an A+ experience!!!

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