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Pack and Ship Services in Key Largo, FL

Mailboxes - Mail and Package Receiving

Pak Mail Key Largo offers shipping, packing, crating and freight services in Key Largo, FL. Get an estimate to ship your items now.

At Pak Mail Key Largo, we pack and ship anything, anywhere. We ship large items, freight, artwork, antiques and much more. Our expert staff have years of experience with building crates and packing fragile items like artwork.

Packing, Shipping & Other Services

Pak Mail South Florida is a full service packing and shipping store, but that's not all we also offer custom crating and freight shipping services. We are located in Key Largo and proudly serve the Ocean Reef ® area and all surrounding cities.


Antiques are precious. And irreplaceable. And no one understands that more than us. That’s why you can trust Pak Mail to pack and ship your valuable antiques. In fact, people have been trusting us with their treasures for more than 25 years. We start by examining your heirlooms and then designing a custom crate that is perfectly tailored to ensure your antique will arrive at its destination safe and sound. There’s a reason museums, galleries, antique shops, auction houses, and individuals all rely on Pak Mail to expertly ship antiques and artwork worldwide. Our white glove service is a guarantee that your antiques are safe with us.

Business Services

Custom crating and packing any size, any weight, Domestic and international shipping by air, ground, or ocean, Freight and specialty shipping, Wide selection of carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx, YRC, ABF, DHL), Shipping and receiving, Packaging and moving supplies, Internet quoting and tracking, Fulfillment services, Faxing, photocopying, Mailbox rental, Notary public, Local pick up and delivery service


Pak Mail offers custom crating and shipping solutions for heavy, oversized, and fragile items, including machinery and industrial equipment.

Furniture Shipping

Pak Mail has been shipping furniture around the country and around the world since 1984. Mattresses, tables, bedroom sets, couches, pianos, appliances — you name it, we’ve shipped it. That’s why we are widely recognized as the leaders in reliable furniture shipping.


Give us your small, fragile packages. Or your big, heavy awkwardly shaped ones. Give us your grandfather clock or your grandmother’s china. When you take your items to Pak Mail, we’ll put over 25 years of experience to work for you, packing and shipping them perfectly. And when it’s too big for a standard box, we offer custom crating services to build the perfect box around it. We do whatever it takes to make sure your shipment gets to where it’s going in the same condition you left it in with us. What else would you expect from your expert shipping store?


At Pak Mail, we pack and ship anything, anywhere. You can rely on our experts for shipping large items, freight items, valuables, and more. As one of the world’s top shipping companies, we partner with preferred carriers to ensure safe, efficient commercial and residential delivery. We strive everyday to be your one-stop shipping store.

Specialty Shipping

At Pak Mail, we know that not everything fits perfectly into a standard box. For everything that doesn’t, we offer specialty packing and shipping options. Our certified packing and shipping experts evaluate the dimensions, value, and fragility of your specialty items to determine the best solution.

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