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Pack and Ship Services in Denver, CO

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University Pak Mail offers shipping, packing, crating and freight services in Denver, CO. Get an estimate to ship your items now.

At University Pak Mail, we pack and ship anything, anywhere. We ship large items, freight, artwork, antiques and much more. Our expert staff have years of experience with building crates and packing fragile items like artwork.

Packing, Shipping & Other Services

Business Services

What to do at semesters’ end is a multiple choice problem.  Pak Mail Denver is the solution.

Pak Mail Denver can custom pack and ship everything from your high-tech electronics and large artwork to fragile items and books. 

We ship UPS, and Fed EX, Ground or Air. The 24x18x16 boxes we provide can weigh up to 36 pounds without an additional charge.

We will pick up your already packed boxes, ship them, charge your credit card and send you a receipt. Pak Mail Denver will be located in the lobby of your dorm the last week of school. You can buy boxes and ship them in the lobby or contact us to make arrangements for pick up. 

If you have items you would like us to pack, we will be happy to do that at our store.  Pak Mail Denver is located at 2443 S. University Blvd., approximately 0.5 miles from Denver University.


We can pack anything.  With packing supplies and custom crating services at our fingertips, we can find or create the perfect packing solution for you.  Small and fragile... no problem.  Large, awkward, and oversized... we can build a crate around it. Visit our Packing page if you need more information. 


No matter what your budget, time frame, or destination is we can help to determine the most effective delivery method.  We can ship any item, regardless of weight or size, domestic or international.  Check out our Shipping page for more information. 

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