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3 Reasons To Ship Furniture with Pak Mail

Getting new furniture is fun. Whether you’re getting it from a friend or family member, buying new at a store, or weaving in and out of antique shops, redecorating your home can rejuvenate your attitude. However, not all places offer furniture delivery and getting a truck isn’t always an option, especially if you’re on vacation or just not close to home.

Finding a quality, professional way to get furniture from one place to another is the hardest part.

Here are three reasons to use Pak Mail to ship furniture.

  1. Expert Packaging & Custom Crating

Here’s a situation: You’re traveling for vacation or business and make some time to visit local antique and furniture shops. While perusing the store, you find the perfect accent chair, side table, or framed picture for your home living room. Now, here’s the issue. You can’t possible fit this large item in your bag, nor do you want to attempt to carry it on the plane. Even if you’re on a road trip, it would be difficult to cram it in the car. This is where Pak Mail comes in. Pak Mail specializes in packing and shipping, especially large, heavy, fragile, and valuable furniture. The experts at Pak Mail can even build a custom crate for your item to ensure its safety on the trip.

  1. Shipping Options

Pak Mail understands that all our customers have different needs for their shipments, based on time and budget. That’s why Pak Mail offers multiple shipping options. Not only can customers get air or ground shipping, but Pak Mail also partners with blanket wrap carriers for those customers who don’t need their items right away. Customers have the ability to choose the option that fits their timeline and their budget, not the other way around.

  1. Domestic & International Shipping

For customers living outside the country or just looking to ship to a loved one overseas, Pak Mail offers international shipping to all corners of the earth. Pak Mail can help you ship a chair to Japan or a dresser to Europe. Pak Mail staff understand the complexities of shipping overseas, so you don’t have to deal with the headache.

So, the next time you’re looking to ship a piece of furniture, call or visit the local Pak Mail. They’ll make sure your shipment arrives safe and intact.