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5 Holiday Gifts Pak Mail Can Ship For You

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, holiday shopping deals are flooding both your email and physical mailbox. While finding a great gift for someone, we know it can be hard to get it to them, especially if you don’t plan on doing any traveling this season. Even if you do, large items can be hard to fit in a vehicle or bring along in an airport. Pak Mail is here to make sure you’re not limited in your gift-giving capabilities. Here are five types of holiday gifts that Pak Mail can ship to the lucky recipient for you.

  1. Furniture

Whether you’re buying new or refurbishing some antique, family heirlooms, furniture is a fantastic gift for anyone. However, getting it to its destination can be tricky. Pak Mail centers specialize in packing and shipping all types of furniture. It doesn't matter how fragile, large, heavy, or valuable the item is, Pak Mail can handle it. Pak Mails offer both custom packing and custom crating services, so that whether you’re shipping a headboard, dresser, side table, or kitchen chair, you can count on Pak Mail to make sure it arrives to its happy recipient.

       2. Electronics

Every year, there are dozens of new electronics items that wind up on shopping wishlists. Without fail, Pak Mail staffs see multitudes of video game consoles, televisions, home theater equipment, laptops, tablets, and more come across the packaging table. Our packaging experts understand how valuable and fragile these items are. If you need electronics shipped this holiday season, Pak Mail is the place to go.

       3. Antiques

Antiques are always a unique, special gift. They can provide that extra sentiment, knowing you went out of your way to find this particular item. Antiques come in all shapes and sizes. It’s all the same to us at Pak Mail. If you’re shipping a large piece of furniture or wall art, we can build a crate to protect it. If you’re shipping a decorative vase or table lamp, we have expert custom packaging techniques to make sure your item finds its destination in one piece.

      4. Fine Art

Packing and shipping art is our specialty. If you’re looking to ship a one-of-a-kind painting, sculpture, statue, or ceramic bowl, bring it to Pak Mail. We have specialty packing and crating techniques to keep your items safe. Pak Mail also offers several shipping options, including ground, air, and international to suit the customers’ needs.

      5. Fine China and Dishware

Our customers can bring in one large decorative bowl or 100 small, fragile teacups. We know these items have both monetary and sentimental value. You can be assured that we’ll treat these items as if they’re our own. We’ll take the time to individually pack and secure each piece.

For all your holiday gift shipping needs, click here to find the Pak Mail nearest you.