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5 Items Pak Mail Can Ship For You The Next Time You Move

Fall is around the corner, summer leases are drawing to an end, and students are heading back to campus. As anyone can tell you, there is a lot of preparation that goes into moving. Whether you’re moving a couple hours away or a couple states away, you have to think about packing, renting a truck or moving vehicle, hiring movers, and then unpacking. It’s especially tough trying to get someone to help lift, carry, and maneuver heavy dressers and awkwardly shaped furniture up or down steps and through doorways. Pak Mail can help. Whether you’re moving yourself or sending your son or daughter back to college, save yourself some time and headache and give your local Pak Mail a call.


Here are 5 items that you can ship ahead on your next move:


1. Furniture


Let’s face it: Lifting and hauling furniture is a pain. Even if you have rented a large box truck, you still have to find someone to help, traverse it out of the house, safely pack it in the truck, drive it to your new home, and drag it through a new set of doorways. The friendly shipping experts at Pak Mail can pack and ship couches, recliners, kitchen furniture, desks, dressers, armoires, and more. We can even come pick your furniture up at your house, so you don’t have to worry about getting it to the store.


2. Dishes and Fine China


Packing dishes and fragile items can be cumbersome and nerve-racking. That’s where Pak Mail comes in. We have 32+ years of expert custom packing experience. Whether its fine china or fragile wine glasses, Pak Mail will package your dishes with the utmost care, so they’ll arrive at your new place safe and intact.


3. Art


Pak Mail understands art shipping. Art is valuable, sentimental, fragile, and mostly irreplaceable. No matter the size or weight of the piece, Pak Mail can build a custom crate to safely protect your art from in-transit damage. If the job doesn’t call for a crate, we’ll professionally and carefully pack your sculpture in a box so that when it arrives, the only thing you’ll have to do is figure out where to display it.


4. Electronics


Our lives are filled with electronics now. Many of these items are very valuable and fragile, like a flat-screen television, desktop or laptop computer, video game consoles, stereo equipment, and more. Don’t risk setting your 55-inch TV or XBOX One in the back of a truck in hopes nothing falls on top of it. Let the expert staff at your local Pak Mail handle it. We’ll get you back to your show binging in no time.


5. Antiques & Souvenirs


Pak Mail knows antiques. We pack and ship them everyday. Stop looking for the perfect box to fit your awkwardly-shaped, invaluable treasures. Pak Mail’s antique shipping experts can build a custom box for your items and securely pack them to arrive at and adorn your new home.


The next time you’re getting ready to move, call Pak Mail to see how they can check some items off your list.