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5 Summer Vacation Items Pak Mail Can Ship For You

Summer is in full swing and that means that families and friends across the country are planning their summer vacation. Whether it’s hitting a beach on the coast, going camping in the mountains or playing 18 holes at a bucket-list golf course, vacationers will be on the move. But, what about all that luggage and baggage you have to bring along? Dragging bags through the airport, on and off airplanes and waiting in lines hoping your equipment made it in one piece can make for an arduous and stressful beginning to your trip.

Pak Mail can help make your airport experience or road trip much better.

Here are 5 popular summer vacation items that we can pack and ship for you.

  1. Golf Clubs

Getting a set of new clubs is good. Playing a round of golf with those new clubs is great. Going on vacation and playing a course you’ve never played with those new clubs is even better. However, carrying golf clubs through a crowded airport is never fun. Simply bring your clubs to your local Pak Mail and the custom packing experts will securely pack them and ship them to your hotel, so they’ll be waiting for you.

  1.   Bicycles

We know summer is a great time to road trip and try a new bike trail or enter a charity bike race. If you plan on driving to your destination, bikes can be susceptible the ever-changing summer weather patterns. Visit Pak Mail, have your bike shipped ahead, and you can concentrate on the upcoming ride.

  1. Kayaks/Canoes

Maybe camping is your game and traversing a lake is what you’re looking forward to. As is with bikes, having your vessel strapped to the vehicle can leave it open season for a sudden hailstorm. Even if you can fit a smaller kayak in your vehicle, save yourself the space and ship it ahead. Pak Mail can come pick it up and ship it to your cabin for you.

  1. Luggage

Perhaps one of the items that’s most frustrating to deal with at the airport is one you don’t have much choice about bringing: your luggage. First off, they’re heavy. Second, many airlines are charging extra bag fees for checking bags and even for carry-on suitcases. Save the trouble and bring your luggage to Pak Mail ahead of your vacation. We’ll have it waiting at the hotel for your arrival and your airport trip will be bag-free.


  1. Souvenirs

It always happens. You’re on vacation and you go shopping. Then, you find something, an antiquepaintingside table or vintage sign you know would be great in your living room. But, there’s no room in your bags or in the car for it to fit. Don’t miss out on the new addition to your home. Find a local Pak Mail and they’ll ship it back home for you. Pak Mail can custom pack or crate items of all sizes, fragility, value, and awkwardness. They can even come pick up the item from the store.

Make your summer travel even better this year and see how your local Pak Mail can help you with your next vacation!