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Best Packing Options for Large Shipping Boxes

When it’s time to package a shipment, the search for the right box or container can be frustrating. Instead of rummaging through the old boxes in your closet or garage, you’ll need to purchase new boxes. Not only is this the easiest solution, it’s also the safest -- reusing a box for shipping significantly increases the chances of damage to your shipment upon delivery. Here is a breakdown of your options for shipping boxes and containers.

Corrugated vs. Cardboard

When thinking of shipping boxes, we often think of cardboard material, but corrugated boxes are the more reliable option. Cardboard is a paper stock or heavy pulp that’s commonly found in small boxes, food packaging, and greeting cards. While suitable for lighter shipments and shorter transits, a cardboard box is susceptible to punctures in heavier shipments or collapse during longer transits.

We recommend using corrugated boxes or containers. Corrugated boxes feature three layers, including inside and outside layers as well as an interior fluting that sits between the other two layers. These layers provide superior strength and durability, and a corrugated box can easily be recycled. When it comes to shipping valuable products over a long distance, a corrugated box is the clear choice.   

Die-Cut Boxes

A die-cut box refers to a corrugated box that can be customized to fit your specific item. Die-cut refers to the machine that cuts the box. The die-cut machine can be used to reduce shipping costs as well as create a unique branding experience for businesses and the customers who purchase their products. 

Multi-Depth Boxes

A multi-depth box offers shippers a versatile packing solution. Multi-depth boxes are corrugated boxes that feature multiple perforated edges to adjust the depth of the box as needed. On the inside of the box, simply cut on the edges at the desired depth, allowing you to fold and tape the remaining flaps.

Specialty Boxes

To avoid any unnecessary shipping costs, you may need to purchase a specialty box. Experienced shipping companies like Pak Mail offer a variety of specialty boxes designed for commonly shipped items. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • artwork
  • books
  • wardrobes
  • cell phones
  • musical instruments
  • sports equipment
  • suitcases
  • silverware and glassware
  • furniture

These types of boxes are extremely efficient and reliable because of their size, shape, and custom design.

Where to Buy Large Shipping Boxes

You aren’t likely to find these highly protective and cost-effective boxes lying around your home. If you’re wondering where to buy large shipping boxes, we recommend contacting your local Pak Mail. With more than 30 years of experience in the shipping business, our experts are ready to help you find the right box, the right price, and the right carrier. We can help you pack your shipment or provide the materials to do it yourself. Find a Pak Mail location near you.