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Crating & Shipping Large Items with Pak Mail

Shipping large items is not easy. They are heavy and can be awkwardly shaped which can create problems crating and transporting them. Standard shipping methods may not provide the necessary protection, so you may need specialized crating and shipping services.

Pak Mail is a professional crating and shipping logistics company and an expert in large-item shipping. We have the expertise and materials to safely package and transport items that require extra attention.

Crating Services by Pak Mail

Steps in Large Items Crating & Shipping

Personalized Shipping Quotes

At Pak Mail, we understand each shipment is unique. Tell us about the items you need to ship and provide details such as size, weight, fragility, and destination. Our crating and shipping experts will assess your specific situation and deliver multiple shipping options based on your budget and timeline.

Preparation and Collection

Pak Mail offers custom packing and crating solutions for all items you may need to ship. We design custom packing methods for each item and use the appropriate packaging materials to ensure even the most fragile, valuable and sensitive items are well-protected for shipping.

Customized Crating Construction

Our team also crafts shipping crates to ensure those oversized, heavy, or awkwardly shaped items are safely transported. The items are securely fitted as the crates are built to their exact dimensions and specifications. Our crating experts also utilize extra packing materials inside the crates to provide added protection for safe and secure delivery.

For the design, we make considerations such as:

  • Interior clearance: The crate should have enough space around the item to accommodate necessary packing materials for optimal cushioning and support.
  • Access: The design may incorporate features like detachable panels or doors. This enables easier loading and unloading of the item.
  • Strength: The crate needs to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the item.

Securing and Labeling

Once packed, we will securely fasten the item within the crate to prevent shifting during transport. Our team will also apply clear and detailed labels. This includes:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Destination address
  • Special handling instructions

Shipping and Delivery

Based on the item's size, weight, and destination, we will give you various shipping options. Once shipped, you will be able to track your items, so you can follow it on its way to its destination.

We Take Crating & Shipping Seriously

We understand that your possessions are valuable, and we are committed to ensuring their safe and secure transport. Our other services ensure a seamless shipping experience from start to finish.

These include:

Declared Value Coverage

We want our clients to ship with confidence, so we offer declared value coverage* for their shipments. They can rest knowing their items are in good hands, and in the unlikely event of loss or damage, they will be compensated accordingly.

 International Crate Shipping

  • Tailored Approach: Whether you need to ship heavy machinery, oversized equipment, or delicate artwork internationally, we tailor our crating and shipping services to fit the specific needs of your item.
  • Global Reach: We offer comprehensive solutions to ensure your crated items reach their global destinations safely.
  • Materials: We use ISPM-15 certified wood crates for compliance with international regulations.

Large Item Crating

Specialty Packing

Not everything fits neatly in a standard box. For unique items with irregular shapes or specific requirements, we offer specialized packing and shipping solutions that go beyond traditional methods. Our experts determine the most appropriate crating and packing methods to ensure your items arrive safely.

Experience the Pak Mail Difference

Crate shipping or large item shipping often requires careful planning and consideration. However, not all shipping companies are equally equipped or suited for handling large items. At Pak Mail, we know the unique challenges of transporting delicate and oversized pieces.

We offer personalized shipping solutions and guidance to determine the best shipping option for your specific needs. Whether you want to ship antiques, furniture, or artwork, Pak Mail can help you get it done safely and efficiently.

Find a Pak Mail location near your area to learn more about our packaging options or shipping methods.

*Rules and Regulations Apply


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