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Custom Crating Services at Pak Mail

Have you ever been in this situation? You need something large, fragile, heavy, or valuable transported. However, you don’t have the ability to do it yourself. Whether you can’t pack it, move it, don’t have a truck, or are afraid it may break once you start driving, these are all valid reasons to not try to do it yourself.

The best way to move many of these household items is by building a crate to secure them for transport. But again, there is a problem. Not many people have the tools, room, time, or skill to build a crate.

That’s where your local Pak Mail can help. Pak Mail specializes in building crates for furniture, art, large equipment, and more.

Here are a few cases to call Pak Mail for crating services.

  1. Art Shopping

Whether it’s at an auction or art dealer’s gallery, there are many places to find new pieces to adorn the walls of your home. But, the issue is getting the items to your house in the first place. Imagine you’re out of town for work and spending some downtime shopping. You find a sculpture or large painting that would be perfect of your living room, but you know there is no way it will fit on the plane when you have to head home. No matter how large or fragile the piece is, Pak Mail can build a custom crate and then ship it back home for you. Pak Mail partners with multiple freight carriers to find the best value for their customers.

  1. Antique Shipping

Tired of getting the same old gift for Mom? Antiques are always a great idea. They’re typically one-of-a-kind and represent the kind of thoughtfulness you had in mind knowing her birthday was around the corner. Let’s say you’re at a local antique shop and find the perfect, rustic accent table and know Mom would love it. However, Mom lives a couple time zones away. Don’t try to put it in a box and try to ship it yourself, only to have it show up broken. Call Pak Mail. They can even arrange to come to the shop to pick up the item, so you don’t have to even bring it in.

  1. Equipment Transport

Customers often call Pak Mail to have their office machinery sent for repair, insurance claims, etc. Pak Mails build crates for medical imaging machines, copiers, appliances, and more.

No matter how fragile, large, awkward, or valuable your items are, call or visit your local Pak Mail the next time you need an item crated.