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Efficient Shipping to Alaska: Affordable and Reliable Solutions by Pak Mail

People often wonder what the safest, cheapest, and fastest options available are to effectively ship to Alaska. Some shipping couriers are notorious for their higher prices and additional charges given Alaska’s geographic location. Choosing the right shipping carrier to handle your package is also a challenge given the variety of choices available, such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. Pak Mail understands these concerns, and has worked to make it easier for you to ship to any corner of Alaska at the most affordable rate due to its partnership with several shipping carriers. 

Things to Know About Shipping to Alaska 

When shipping to Alaska, here are some things to know that will affect your shipment: 

  • Shipping Carriers

All major local and international shipping couriers operate in Alaska. The shipping carrier you choose will ensure that your shipment reaches its final destination within the shortest time possible. Please note that delivery times will differ depending on the chosen shipping service.

  • Geographic Location and Size

Most shipping carriers consider Alaska to be a remote location which in turn, affects the pricing and surcharges on your shipment. It may cost extra to ship items to the more remote areas of Alaska with the extra charges incurred in rail, air, and road transportation. Alaska's geographic position and size also influence the longer delivery period.

Carriers That Ship to Alaska

Common carriers that ship to Alaska include UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. It’s important to note that these Pak Mail offers multiple shipping options from these major carriers and other regional carriers to ensure your specific needs and budget are met. 

How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Alaska

The cost of shipping to Alaska varies depending on the size of the shipment, the shipping carrier, and the chosen shipping service. Generally, shipping to Alaska is much more expensive compared to other states given the Alaska-bound charges. The shipping experts at your local Pak Mail can help find the best shipping option to fit your needs.

Choose Pak Mail When Shipping to Alaska

As one of the world’s top shipping companies, and with over 30 years of experience, Pak Mail offers trusted and affordable shipping services and options. Pak Mail has partnered with several carriers, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and other LTL carriers, to ensure flexibility in the delivery of your shipment and within the shortest time possible in cases of emergency. Our team at Pak Mail will provide professional assistance to guide you through the process of shipping to Alaska. Find a location near you today and inquire for more information. 

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