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Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Coverage

If you are shipping any valuable item, you want it to get to the intended destination safely and on time. That said, factors beyond your control, such as inclement weather, the shipping carrier, the handling of cargo and packages, and the economy, can impact the process. 

If your package is mishandled, damaged, or lost along the way, that leaves you with more work in communicating this to your customers and/or vendors. Thus, it would be best to always ship with a carrier offering shipping coverage. 

What Is Shipping Coverage?

In the simplest terms, shipping coverage is a form of coverage provided by major carriers that protects you from goods that are either damaged, stolen, or damaged. Most shipping companies offer a form of shipping coverage or insurance, typically available as an extra fee. The coverage usually guarantees a reimbursement equal to the cost of damaged or lost goods during the journey. Coverage amounts vary by carrier and item shipped. Contact your local Pak Mail to discuss coverage for your shipment. 

Benefits of Shipping Coverage

The advantages of shipping coverage include the following: 

High-Risk Protection

Shipping coverage protects you against financial setbacks triggered by a damaged or lost shipment. You can swiftly get back on your feet with the reimbursement you will get.  

Sense of Security

Peace of mind is vital to business success and an elevated quality of life. When all your cargo is covered, you can fully focus on other aspects of your business knowing your goods are protected. 

Prevention of Additional Costs

Shipping coverage assumes financial responsibility for your shipments and packages, ensuring your profit margin is not affected. And when the refund includes the cost of goods and shipping, you can get the package to your clients without additional costs.  

Simple and Hassle-Free Claims

Making claims when unsure about the kind of guaranteed compensation can be confusing and frustrating. With shipping coverage, you file for reimbursement on the declared value of goods. 

The Cost of Shipping Coverage

Shipping coverage cost varies depending on the shipper and the value of your goods. Some companies do not provide any shipping coverage options. Depending on the carrier you choose and the items being shipped, a Pak Mail shipping expert will talk you through your coverage options.

The tips below can help you estimate the cost of shipping coverage: 

  • Calculate the value of your cargo. The cost of repairs or replacements that your goods may need is the biggest determinant of your shipping coverage cost.
  • Research the reputability of your shipping carrier. Compare policies and read reviews to know the company that offers the best deal. Your local Pak Mail can help with this.
  • Consider the shipping method you intend to use. Coverage rates and policies for air, land, and sea shipping are different. 
  • Research the customs rules in your destination country. For international shipping, most countries restrict the items that can be shipped in, so make sure you do your research.
  • Leave the expertise to Pak Mail. To determine the best shipping coverage option for you, contact your local Pak Mail. They’ll walk you through the carriers, options, rules, regulations, costs, and more.
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