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Fine Art Shipping Can be a Fine Art In Itself

Art, in any form, is a great way to accent rooms in your house or office. Whether it’s a beautiful painting, intricate sculpture, or kiln-fired ceramic pot, professional and novice decorators look far and wide for the next great unique piece. Art decor can be found in large department stores or local antique shops. While finding the perfect piece of art is a wonderful feeling, getting it to its destination can be difficult, especially if you’re out of town on vacation or work. This is where Pak Mail comes into play. For over 30 years, Pak Mail has specialized in packing and shipping fine art, no matter how big, delicate, or large.

Here are a few reasons to contact Pak Mail the next time you need to ship fine art.

1.   Custom Crating

Pak Mail works with art galleries, museums, auction houses, and antique shops to help pack and ship large and valuable paintings. One way we do that is by building custom crates for artwork. Sometimes, paintings are far too valuable, large, or heavy to simply put in a box. Therefore, Pak Mail will build a crate to fully secure its customers’ pieces. That way, no matter where the items is going, it will be protected from any damage from transportation.

   2. Custom Packaging

Pak Mail staff understands that art pieces come in all shapes and sizes. Not every piece is a perfectly square or rectangular painting. Many times, customers will bring in fragile, antique vases or a collection of vintage ornaments they need shipped across the country. Pak Mail expertly trains its staff to package each item safely and securely. It doesn’t matter that if you have one expensive vase or 100 small, fragile table ornaments, Pak Mail will professionally handle and package each piece with ultimate care.

   3. Domestic and International Art Shipping

Pak Mail also partners with both domestic and international shipping carriers to fit our customers’ needs. Perhaps you live abroad and are visiting the states when you find a perfect piece of artwork that would look great in your home. Luckily, Pak Mail can pack and ship your piece to fit international shipping requirements, while also meeting the same secure packaging standards we set.

Because moving and transporting art can be an arduous task, Pak Mail is here to help. The next time you’re doing some out-of-town shopping or looking for an artsy gift for a friend, contact your local Pak Mail about packing and shipping options.