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Shipping a 250 lbs Statue Across the US | How One Pak Mail Did It

What do you do when you have to ship a 250 pound statue of a bronco made of bronze from Boca Raton, FL to Hampton Falls, NH? The process of determining everything you need, from proper packaging to ensure its safety to ensuring it arrives at its destination safe and sound, is not something most are equipped to deal with. For one equine lover in south Florida, this oddly-shaped, heavy, and very expensive statue needed to be shipped to New Hampshire. The solution was Pak Mail Boca Raton East.

Fine Art Shipping Solutions by Pak MailPak Mail Fine Art ShippingCustom Crating Fine Art By Pak Mail

Given the statue’s size, proportions, and fragility, a number of challenges were presented to the Pak Mail team, namely freight options and packaging. Due to partner carriers’ specific weight restrictions, finding the right one that could accommodate such a curious item proved to be quite a task. After additional research, the Pak Mail Boca Raton East professionals found the ideal freight solution. The next challenge was the packaging, and not just any type of packaging will do. A custom packaging solution was necessary to ensure the item was properly secured with minimal potential for movement. A team of Pak Mail packaging specialists assessed the item and determined a custom crate was the best option. They loaded up the 250-pound statue in a trailer and took it back to Pak Mail to begin the packaging process.

Pak Mail Custom CratingSince the item could not be disassembled in any way, the Pak Mail team brought out all the necessary tools and created a customized crated right in front of the store. Wielding saws, a hand screw, straps, plywood, and an abundance of 2x4s, the team constructed the crate around the horse, securing it and stabilizing it from the inside for complete support during the shipping process. The pieces used to stabilize the horse from the inside were custom as well, due to the dimensions and framework of the statue. This is a perfect example of Pak Mail’s expertise, with packaging and shipping solutions designed, invented, innovated, and modified to ensure the item will arrive at its destination safe and sound. In the end, the customer was extremely satisfied and absolutely amazed at the ingenuity and talent Pak Mail Boca Raton East demonstrated in every aspect of ensuring the careful packaging and safe delivery of the precious bronco statue.