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The Furniture Shipping Process: Packing, Crating & Freighting

Furniture is among the most valuable of possessions that the average person purchases. When there comes a time that said furniture needs to be shipped to another location, it is imperative that one knows how to get their furniture transported to a new location safely and securely. That is a big part of what we do at Pak Mail, and we want to help you understand the process that we use. 

Packing Furniture for Shipping Purposes

There are certain procedures that must be followed to guarantee that furniture arrives at its slated destination safely. Here are the things that an individual can do to better protect the safety of their furniture in this process: 

  • Take the Furniture Apart - When possible, it is best to take the furniture apart so it can be shipped more efficiently. It’s easier to pack and protect and less vulnerable to damage when removable parts are packed separately.
  • Wrap it in Protective Materials - Your furniture needs to be protected on its journey, and that means wrapping it in protective materials so any potential for damage in transit is minimized. Pak Mail can help determine the best materials to safeguard your specific furniture pieces.
  • Use Quality Boxes & Crates – Depending on the type of furniture items being shipped and its mode of transportation, it’ll likely go in sturdy boxes or crates with extra protective material to prevent damage. Pak Mail uses the best quality packing materials and containers for shipping furniture. This ensures safe and secure transportation of all types of furniture. 

Make certain that you take all of this into account as you consider the initial steps that you must take to protect your furniture while it is in transit.  

Choosing the Right Furniture Shipping Service

The movement of your furniture from one place to another is dependent upon your choice of shipping  service to get it where it needs to go. That's why you must think of the various methods of transportation that Pak Mail offers for shipping furniture. Shipping options include ground freight shipping, air freight, blanket wrap shipping, and more. This variety of options will allow you to make the right selection for yourself based on your personalized requirements. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the right freight service for you: 

  • Distance - How far do you anticipate you will need to ship your materials? The further away, the more you should likely concentrate on the quality of the carrier that you opt to use. 
  • Fragility and Value – Consider both the fragility and value of the specific items you’re shipping. Pak Mail can walk you through their furniture packing techniques and recommendations for each piece and discuss the shipping options available. 
  • Coverage Options - You can obtain alternate declared value coverage for the furniture that you’re shipping. Pak Mail offers this coverage against damage and can talk you through the specifics of the coverage of each of your items. If you want some extra peace of mind that your furniture will get where it needs to go, it’s important to add this coverage to your shipment.
  • Extra Delivery Options – Pak Mail can also offer specialty delivery services like white glove delivery. The carrier will carefully bring the shipment into the room of your choice and discard any of the excess packing materials associated with the shipment. This way, you don’t have to try to haul a heavy shipment into your home on your own. 

Take some time to review the furniture shipping options available to you now so you can choose the best option for your specific situation. Furniture shipping with Pak Mail is a great option for those who want to make sure their furniture gets to where it needs to go in a safe and timely fashion.  Don't take a gamble on getting your furniture where it needs to go. Trust Pak Mail with all your furniture shipping needs. Call or visit your local Pak Mail today for a free furniture shipping quote.

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