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Get the Final Touch with Freight Shipping at Pak Mail

Think of this scenario: You are moving across the country and have three large pieces of furniture that you are taking with you. You’re not loading up a moving truck to drive from South Carolina to Seattle and it certainly won’t fit in your sedan. So, you’ve landed on shipping your antique dresser, armoire, and grandfather clock.

Now you have to go through and find the right company to do this and figure out the logistics of getting it to said company. After talking to a couple different shipping companies, you’ve decided to call Pak Mail.

Here is why they’re going to be the right choice for you.

  1. They partner with multiple national and international freight shipping carriers. This gives their customers options. Pak Mail understands that every shipping customer has a different budget and timeline for when items need to arrive. This gives the customers flexibility.
  2. Pak Mail customers don’t have to worry about getting their items to the store in the first place. Pak Mail will schedule a time and day to drive a company-branded van to pick up the items and transport them back to the store for packing.
  3. Pak Mail offers custom packing and/or crating services. Customers don’t have to try and package the items themselves. Pak Mail’s shipping experts are extensively trained to pack and ship fragile, large, awkward, and valuable items.
  4. At the end of the shipment, Pak Mail can offer last mile or white glove delivery. Many shipping companies will only bring the item to the nearest local brand store or drop off at the curb, making for what could be an uncomfortable time for someone to get the items into the house, depending on the size of the items. Pak Mail can offer last mile and white glove delivery. This means that they will arrange for the carrier to bring the item to the address of the destination and bring it inside the residence or business.

These are just four reasons to choose Pak Mail for freight shipping, but they are four very important ones to consider. At Pak Mail, they understand that shipping these large items can be a stressful venture. They want to take as much of the stress away as possible. That’s why Pak Mail offers pick-up, packing, crating, and white glove delivery.

The next time you need to ship something, call and see how your local Pak Mail can help.

Pak Mail white glove delivery