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Getting the Most Accurate Shipping Estimate

If you had to guess how much it cost to ship a leather couch from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts, what would you say? Fact is there are a lot of factors that play into the final total. Pak Mail understand the sensitive time and budget for each and every one of its customers. That’s why they take their quoting and estimates very seriously.

Here is some of the information Pak Mail staff will gather to ensure they give you a quick, fair, and accurate shipping estimate:

  1. What are you shipping?

This one is obvious but it’s important to know what types of items and how many you’re shipping. It’s also important to know what the items are made of. This is crucial because it will help the Pak Mail team explain how the item will need to be packed or crated before shipping.

  1. Where is the item going?

Distance traveled plays another role in determining the final cost.

  1. What are the weight and dimensions of the items?

This is as important as anything else. Knowing the weight and size of each item will allow the Pak Mail staff to give you an accurate quote. By knowing this, they can determine how large the shipment will be with packaging. The different shipping carriers use formulas to based on weight/dimensions to determine what the shipping cost will be.

  1. When do you need it to arrive?

Because Pak Mail partners with both domestic and international shipping carriers, it gives their customers the flexibility to choose what works best for them.

  1. What’s the value of the item? How fragile is it?

Extra valuable items deserve and require extra packaging to ensure they arrive at the destination safely and intact. The same goes for easily-broken or sentimental items.

By filling out a shipping estimate form online or calling to speak to a Pak Mail shipping expert, these are the types of questions you will answer in order to give you the most accurate quote possible.