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How Do You Rent a Mailbox?

How Do You Rent a Mailbox?

  1. Complete USPS Form 1583 at any Pak Mail location.
  2. Submit two forms of identification:
    1.  Current driver’s license
    2.  State identification card
    3. Armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card
    4. Passport
    5.  Alien registration card
    6. Certificate of naturalization
    7.  Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust
    8.  Voter card
    9. Vehicle registration card
    10. Home or vehicle insurance registration card

A photocopy of your identification may be retained by a Pak Mail representative when you open your private mailbox, per USPS requirements.

Benefits of Renting a Mailbox

Renting a private mailbox is becoming more popular as security and privacy become greater concerns for private residents and businesses. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of a rented mailbox when compared to basic home mail services or post office boxes.


When you rent a private mailbox, it’s done with complete anonymity. That means your mailbox is not known to anyone but you. This protects you from identity thieves, who can gain access to private information through your home mailbox. A private mailbox allows you to eliminate this risk by sending credit card bills, government identification, business correspondence, and any other sensitive information to a secure mailbox known only to you. 


Mail theft is a growing problem in the U.S., and home delivery services often leave your packages extremely vulnerable. A private mailbox, on the other hand, ensures that your package is received, signed for, and safely stored until your arrival.

In addition to their benefits for private residents, private mailboxes are important security assets for home business owners. Publishing your home address as your business address can lead to customers knocking on your door or entice thieves to target your home. A private mailbox allows you to keep your home address secure while storing your business mail in a secure building.


If you’ve ever used a P.O. Box, you understand their frustrating limitations. Many retailers don’t deliver to post office boxes at all. When you rent a private mailbox, however, you are renting a real address with a physical location. That means no delivery eligibility snafus and assurance that all mail can be sent and received.

In fact, a private mailbox in a secure center allows you to hold your mail for pickup when it’s convenient for you. You can also take advantage of extended hours when compared to the limited business hours of your local post office.


Renting a private mailbox offers yet another advantage for business owners. If you’re looking to expand your business into new markets, or you want a more prestigious address in your home service area, a private mailbox can give you a boost in credibility. A private mailbox with Pak Mail gives you a street address, which presents a more professional appearance than a P.O. Box or home address.

If peace of mind, stability, and reliability are among your top priorities, renting a private mailbox can deliver on all accounts. Contact or find a Pak Mail in your area for options on mailbox sizes, and secure your mail today.