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How to Prepare a Home for Estate Shipping?

When a loved one passes away, one of the important tasks is to sort their home. Items that were inherited will need to be sent to the chosen heirs. Anything sold in an estate sale will go to the buyers. This often necessitates an estate shipping service, in which estate shipping experts arrive at the home to carefully pack and transport things like antique furniture, heirlooms, and personal items with great sentimental value.

Relatives or the estate executor will be responsible for preparing the home for estate shipping. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps

  1. Organize and Declutter:

    First, start by organizing personal belongings and decluttering the home. Consider creating categories for items like:

    • Shipping
    • Donate
    • Sell
    • Discard

    While you are in this process, remove any personal items and valuables that will not be part of the estate shipping or estate sale.

  2. Create an Inventory:

    What will be shipped during the estate shipping process? It can help to create an inventory of all the items that are to be shipped. In your inventory, provide important details, shipping concerns, and a description of each item's current condition.

    It is advised that you also take a photo of each valuable and store it with the inventory for documentation. Pak Mail’s estate shipping experts will take photos of items before picking them up and/or packing them.

  3. Pack Items Properly:

    If you are packing items yourself, pack them carefully. Identify the protection needs for each item to be shipped. Be sure to use the appropriate packing materials for fragile items and support for heavy items.

    However, because estate distribution often includes large, fragile, and valuable items, Pak Mail specializes in both expert packing and crating services for items of all sizes and fragility levels. Don’t take the risk of family heirlooms being damaged and consider leaving the packing to Pak Mail.

  4. Hire Professional Estate Shipping Services:

    You can also make this process easier by hiring your local Pak Mail to assist with all things estate shipping. Pak Mail will give you personalized quotes based on your specific needs and timelines. This will allow you to scope services and discuss your estate shipping needs.

  5. Coordinate with the Estate Shipping Company:

    Make sure Pak Mail knows how to contact you with any questions regarding your estate shipping plan. Coordinate and verify where all items are going, especially if there are multiple addresses. You may also want to discuss any specific concerns you may have about the estate shipping process.

  6. Final Walkthrough:

    Perform a final walkthrough of the property and make sure nothing is left behind.

  7. Handle Special Items Carefully:

    Pak Mail knows that special items that were part of the estate such as antiques or artwork should be handled with extra care. Discuss these items with your estate shipping company. No doubt, they will be able to adapt packaging and shipping methods to meet the needs of each special item for safe transport.

  8. Plan for the Arrival:

    Lastly, make sure that the recipient of each heirloom and inherited item is ready for its arrival. If needed, Pak Mail offers additional delivery services like white glove or inside delivery.

Estate Shipping at Pak Mail

Managing an estate sale can be difficult, but it can also be completed with flawless precision. Pak Mail estate shipping experts can help you ensure that precious heirlooms, antiques, and personal items are shipped to inheritors with the utmost care. Reach out for a consultation or find a Pak Mail location near you for assistance planning your estate shipping service.

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