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How to Reduce Packaging Waste During the Holidays

The holidays come with gifts, decorations, and much traveling. As marketplaces record billion-dollar transactions, the waste spirals simultaneously. Holidays are special, but there are some measures that can help reduce waste during this time period.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

Biodegradable materials that disintegrate without releasing chemicals into the environment are the most effective ways to replace paper and plastic. These options include containers made from tree pulp, mushroom, bamboo, sugarcane, or seaweed. Corn or starch-based dissolvable foam pellets serve as a perfect substitute.

Right-Size Your Packages

The outright benefit of choosing the right size for your packages is to reduce the necessary material used in packaging. It also helps you to save on raw materials and shipping costs. You might need more packing peanuts, foam, or paper to fill the empty space compared. Also, companies charge shipping on dimensions. A larger shipment will likely cost more.

Reuse Packaging Materials

The envelopes, bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, and packing peanuts can all be reused at home. Handle the shipping equipment with care to avoid destroying it. Ensure the materials are free of tape and clean, suitable for re-use. Save them for the next holiday or event. You can also list the old packaging material on community sites. Your neighbor might be in need of that box.

Buy Local and Support Sustainable Brands

Online gifts have to travel a long route before getting to your preferred destination. By buying from local brands, you cut the shipping costs as you promote your community. You may consider buying gifts that impact the environment, such as reusable grocery bags, stainless steel water bottles, or toys made from recycled material. Also, local pastries made from local raw materials taste better.

Encourage Responsible Recycling

Recycling is the most convenient way of controlling waste. Besides being a collective responsibility, recycling starts as a personal initiative. Encourage your peers or loved ones to recycle packaging material. You can also achieve responsible recycling by: ● Keeping recycle bins close by so people can clearly identify them ● Avail recycle bins in high-traffic places ● Promote recycling in your local newsletters and newsletters. Social media is also a convenient avenue to let your neighbors contribute to your posts.

Don't Take a Break from Recycling

The holidays shouldn't prevent you from keeping the environment safe and clean. Although there can be a hike in waste during the holidays, continue observing environmental management measures beyond New Year's Day.

Sustainable Packaging

At Pak Mail, we understand the impact of controlling waste during the holidays and beyond. Together, we can make the festive season joyful as we care for the environment.

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