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How to Move Students to and from College

Remember taking your kid to college? You both loaded up a couple car’s worth of clothes, electronics, towels, school supplies, bedding, decorations, and more. Then, you take off in separate vehicles on a 5-10 hour car ride to the college town. Once there, you’re in charge of lugging all those heavy boxes and expensive electronics up 4 flights of stairs trying to dodge the dozens of other families moving their kids in that day as well. Then, at the end of the school year, you have to do it all over again, except you have to pack up all the miscellaneous items your kid/s have accumulated throughout the school year. It can take a lot of time and stress.

Fortunately, Pak Mail can help. Not only does Pak Mail offer shipping services, but they are also packing experts. That way, you can stop wasting all that time trying to pack boxes so things won’t break on the drive. Pak Mail can schedule a time to come and pick up your students’ items at a house, apartment, or dorm and bring them back to their store where they will carefully and securely pack all items for safe transport. Depending on how many boxes or how large or valuable some items are, the Pak Mail staff can consolidate all items and boxes into one large D-Container to hold everything. Then, depending on when you need it to arrive, they will walk you through the different shipping and delivery options once it reaches its destination.

Pak Mail has over 35 years experience in packing all household items. They will individually pack and secure all fragile kitchenware, including plates, glasses, and coffee mugs. If you’re shipping paintings, posters, or other home decorations, Pak Mail help with that, too. For especially valuable, large, and fragile items, Pak Mail can build a custom crate to keep it safe during transportation.

The next time you’re planning on moving your children to or from college, consider calling your local Pak Mail to help.