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How to Pack & Ship Electronics

Moving season is in full force and will be through the end of the summer. Across the country, renters, homeowners, college students, snowbirds, job seekers and more will be packing up apartments, townhomes, and houses and changing addresses. As technology has become a bigger part of our lives, the average household has far more electronics that need to be packed than ever before. These items include big-screen, LED and LCD TVs, desktop and laptop computers, tablets, video game consoles, wireless speakers, and more.

For many of those moving, it usually means renting and loading up a large moving truck. Moving trucks, while convenient, can be provide a bumpy, nervous ride, hoping that boxes are staying still and not falling over aor banging around. Because of this, it can be hard to know how to safely and securely pack such valuable and fragile items.

That's where Pak Mail comes into play. Your local Pak Mail can help in multiple ways in the moving process.

  1. Custom Packaging

Whether you plan on driving a moving truck, hiring movers, or piling your own vehicle, it’s important to make sure your electronics are packed correctly. The staff at Pak Mail is expertly trained to pack electronics of all size, value, and fragility. Whether you have a 70-inch TV or several video game consoles that need packed, Pak Mail can take care of it for you.

  1. Shipping

If you’d rather not worry about your expensive electronics bouncing around in the back of a moving truck, you can always opt to have them shipped to your new home. While Pak Mail can safely package your items, they also offer multiple shipping options, so that your items will arrive intact at their destination. Pak Mail offers both ground and air shipping services and even ships internationally.

  1. Moving Supplies

Perhaps you’re just moving across town and need the tools to make that happen. Pak Mail can help here, too. Pak Mail centers offer a variety of moving supplies, including moving boxes, packaging tape, packing peanuts, and more. The packaging experts at Pak Mail will even offer you advice for packing your electronics if you decide to do it yourself.

If you’re moving soon and in need of help transporting electronics, call or visit your local Pak Mail. Whether you need moving supplies or electronics packing and shipping services, Pak Mail can help.