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How to Ship A Bike/Bicycle

If you've never done it before, you may be scratching your head at how to manage effectively packing and shipping your bike without causing any damage or running up a monster of a bill. Shipping large items can be awkward and risky, but not if you prepare well ahead of time and get the right supplies, it can be quite simple.

Preparing Your Bike for Shipment

We recommend making some preparations when getting your bike ready to pack and ship, depending on your shipping method. Protect fragile components of your bike by wrapping them in packing supplies—like foam padding—and securing the cushion with zip ties. If the bike has external cables, you can place a piece of soft cloth between them and the frame to help prevent damage that could occur en route. Remove both your saddle and post and wrap them in padding separately and repeat the process for each wheel. Lastly, you’ll need a box big enough to hold all these components together. Ensure the box is sufficiently taped and secured so it does not come undone during transit.

Use our packing and shipping tips to make the process quick and easy. To help you establish a budget for your shipment, you can also get an estimate for your shipping job beforehand. We’ll help you compare carrier rates so you get the best deal on your shipment.

Custom Bike Packing Options

If you're nervous about your ability to protect your bike in the package adequately, the shipping specialists at Pak Mail can do it for you! Our custom packing service is performed by our team to ensure that your package arrives at its destination in the same condition it left you in. If your shipment is exceptionally large, we can provide crating services to create an additional protective barrier as it travels. We ship with partners, including FedEx, UPS, the U.S. Postal Service, and DHL. Find a Pak Mail location near you to learn more about custom packing options.

Domestic Bike Shipping

You can rely on our team to deliver your bike safely anywhere in the United States. We offer domestic bike shipping by air and ground, with no weight or size limits. Our partnerships with preferred carriers ensure safe, efficient commercial and residential delivery so you can look to us to be your one-stop shipping provider.

International Bike Shipping

Even if you need to send your bike abroad, we can handle the job for you with international shipping services. We're one of the world's top shipping companies, and we can pack and ship anything, anywhere. We'll provide real-time estimates and updates and can also manage the entire process for you—from pick up to delivery. No matter the size of your shipment, we can assess your budget, timeframe, and destination, and select the most efficient delivery option for your needs.

Trust that your bike will be safe in the hands of the professional Pak Mail shipping team. We're a government-defined essential business that can handle any heavy, oversized, or awkward shaped items, and we’ll develop custom packing, crating, and shipping plans for delivering your packages to their destinations safely and as scheduled. Locate a store today to learn more about our bike shipping solutions.