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How to Ship Large Items with Pak Mail Freight Services

Have you ever moved a heavy table or awkward piece furniture? How about attempted to transport a large or fragile piece of art from one house to another? Just the thought of moving these items to a new destination can bring on a headache. That’s where Pak Mail comes into the picture. Pak Mail’s freight experts make packing, crating, and shipping furniture, artwork, antiques, and valuable electronics seem like child’s play.  

Here are a few occasions where Pak Mail’s freight services can help you.

1. Buying or Selling Antiques

It doesn’t matter if you’re an antique dealer or on the hunt for the next great find, Pak Mail can be of assistance. Consider this: You’re out of town on business and decide to do a little shopping in your free time. You come across a local antique mall that has a perfect rustic patio table and chair set for your backyard. The bad news is the shop doesn’t offer transportation services. Luckily, you can call the local Pak Mail and the patio set is all yours. Pak Mail staff will arrange to pick up the furniture from the store, expertly pack or crate each piece, and choose the best shipping option to fit your budget and timeline. Then, your new furniture set will be delivered right to your door when you get home.

2. Handing Down Furniture to your Kids

Do you have a son or daughter that’s moving into their own apartment and in need of bedroom furniture? Many parents hand down dressers, hutches, vanities, side tables, and more. However, getting it to them can be difficult depending on how far away they live or what type of vehicle you have. Don’t rent some oversized moving truck for just one item. Call Pak Mail instead. Once again, they can arrange to come pick up the item at your house, if needed. Once the item is safely and securely packed, the shipping experts at Pak Mail will discuss the various shipping options, including international.

3. Small Home or Office Moves

Let’s face it. Moving is just a part of life. Whether it’s at work or home, moves happen. Let’s say your office is moving out of the high rise and into a new space across town and you have some office chairs and conference tables that need moved. Chances are a professional moving company has a minimum weight they must meet or their minimum charge will be too high. Pak Mail staff can expertly pack all your office furniture and even offer transportation services via our large partner network.

The next time you need to move anything fragile, large, awkward, or valuable, make sure to give your local Pak Mail a call.