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In-Person & Online Auction Shipping with Pak Mail

The auction industry is big business. Auctions run every week of the year. Whether it’s a large-scale national auction or a local estate auction, the business is booming. However, logistics always looms as an issue with auctions, no matter the size. Especially with online auctions, people like to buy items but don’t always have the best idea on how to get it home. For example, it feels great to buy an antique jukebox at an auction. Getting that jukebox home is the hard part.

That’s where Pak Mail can help. Pak Mail has 200+ locations across the country ready to help pack, ship, and crate your newly acquired belongings. Nothing is too heavy, fragile, or awkward for the packaging experts at Pak Mail. Take that antique jukebox for example. They will not only safely protect the music maker, but they will also build a perfectly sturdy crate around it, adding that added level of protection. After all, buying a jukebox in Pittsburgh and shipping it to Phoenix is daunting. Leave it to the experts.

Here are three types of auctions Pak Mail can help with:

  1. Estate Auctions

These happen all the time. People downsize. People sell items left to them in a will. Much of the time, buyers can find great prices for these items. The problem lies in buying a 200-pound dresser or large antique headboard and then trying to get it to where it’s going. Call Pak Mail. Most Pak Mail locations can even arrange to pick up the items where they’re being held, bring them back to their warehouse, and pack the items. That saves you headaches and backaches.

  1. Online Auctions

Technology enhanced the auction industry as well. Now a buyer can be a thousand miles or three time zones away and still participate in said auction. Here comes the logistics problem. It doesn’t matter how big the item is. You’re not there and you can’t get it. Call Pak Mail. Again, they can arrange to pick up the item at the auction’s convenience, walk you through the different shipping options, and send it on its way.

  1. Art Auctions

Everyone knows a beautiful painting on the wall or sculpture on the mantel can set off any room. Art auctions are a great place to find unique pieces to complement your design style. Once again, though, art is difficult to transport, even if your vehicle is big enough. Pak Mail uses specialty packing techniques and tools to keep your newfound décor safe. They even offer expedited shipping options to shorten the time your item is in transit.

The next time you’re thinking of attending an auction, don’t back down from bidding as you know Pak Mail is on your side.