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The “Last Mile” Delivery Problem

As a business, your relationship with the customer is priority number one. Beyond offering quality goods at fair prices, the process through which these goods are delivered to the consumer is critical in maintaining the business-to-consumer balance. For many small and large businesses alike, this means ensuring the product is delivered directly to the customer - safely, securely, and efficiently.

LTL Freight ShippingDepending on the situation, it can be difficult to find a freight carrier that will go the extra mile. While freight shipping companies typically have no issues transporting the product from the shipping facility to the destination facility, many clients require additional shipping options that bring their product directly to the consumer. This is especially true for larger items, such as furniture, medical equipment, major appliances, and consumer electronics that are too large to fit in a normal vehicle. As such, picking up at a warehouse or store location is not often an option, which can lead to a damaged client relationship.

For that last mile or two that stands between the consumer and the product, this can be a challenge. Enter last mile delivery, a shipping logistics solution designed to bridge that all too critical gap between the consumer and the final delivery. Whether it’s home or office delivery, Pak Mail ensures your item will get there, safe and sound, through its dedicated last mile delivery service.

Pak Mail partners with qualified carriers to go the extra mile and ensure your needs are met. We coordinate all aspects of your last mile delivery so you can focus on your business. Our shipping and logistics experts will work with you to develop a long-term strategy that is both cost-effective and efficient while providing you with the peace of mind that your last mile deliveries are in the best possible hands.

Many situations may also require white glove packaging and delivery. This means our last mile specialists will not only bring your item into the home, but they will un-package it, place it in the desired room with the customer’s direction, and dispose of all the packaging materials. This is especially helpful for items that are large or unwieldy or in situations where delivery is difficult due to building size, age, or other factors like flights of stairs. 

Pak Mail specialists are professionals in every sense of the word, handling not just your product, but your home, with care.

Don’t let the “last mile” problem affect your efficiency and profitability. Contact Pak Mail and get started today!

Call your local Pak Mail to request a quote, or fill out our contact form. We can manage every phase of the delivery cycle so you can focus on what matters.