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Make Your Business Stand Out With Packaging Design

For small business entrepreneurs, it’s important to view product packaging beyond its protective function. Product packaging is also a valuable way to make a powerful first impression. Well-designed packaging can draw customers in, attracting more sales. 

Below are a few ways you can make your packaging design stand out.

  1. Use Packaging Design to Boost Brand Awareness

    Your package is the first thing consumers notice when shopping. For this reason, it’s important that your packaging always make a good first impression. 

    Here are a few key things to consider when designing your packaging:

    • Make your package appealing. A good product package should be attractive. Design it with your brand colors to reinforce your brand's identity. With an attractive design, your product will command attention on the shelves.
    • Capture the product's benefits. Besides attractiveness, your package should highlight the benefits your product offers. These highlights will enable clients to understand the value your product offers.

    Although the design of your packaging may seem insignificant, your business will reap many benefits with a package that makes the right first impression. For one, the package will entice customers to explore your product further. Moreover, good packaging conveys that your product is high quality.

    If you are on a budget, customize a few packages that make a strong impact. For instance, you can focus on boxes, tissue paper, and fillers. These elements help create a positive and memorable unboxing experience.

  2. Include a Personalized Thank You Note

    A personalized thank you note is another great way to make your packaging design stand out, and make your customers feel valued. This positive first impression will not only appease customers, but it can also open the doors for repeat purchases and customer loyalty. 

    Remember, your competitors also understand the power of thank-you notes in packaging design—make sure that yours stands out to create the right impact. In particular, the note should include the following:

    • The customer's name. Personalize your thank you note with the customer's name to make it truly special. In addition to including their name, express sincere appreciation for your customer's unwavering support.
    • Product inspiration. Share a glimpse of the product's journey and the inspiration behind it. This story will establish an emotional connection that can instigate brand loyalty.
  3. Include a Gift in your Package

    A branded package and a thank you note are sometimes not enough to make you stand out. So, you should go a step further and use the magic of gifting. Keep in mind that the ideal giveaway doesn’t have to be something valuable. It could be a small extra, sticker, or coupon.

    Although inexpensive, the thrill of discovering something unexpected has the potential to create genuine excitement. Some of the delighted customers might even share their unboxing journeys on social media; others will leave positive reviews and share stories with friends and family. As a result, you get free word-of-mouth marketing, which attracts new customers. Moreover, the gifts will create a lasting connection that encourages repeat purchases. 

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