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Managing Recurring Freight Shipments

For commercial and industrial businesses alike, managing a recurring freight schedule on your own is never easy, as the logistics involved are time-consuming and, for those unfamiliar with the process, relatively complicated. Diving headfirst on your own into the world of freight can often leads to wasted money and man-hours. This is where Pak Mail comes in. As the leading logistics solutions provider, we can handle all aspects of your ongoing freight shipping needs from start to finish.

last-mileThe first step in setting up a recurring freight shipment is to contact a Pak Mail freight consultant by filling out the contact form telling us about your needs and location. When filling out the form, it is imperative that you provide as much as detail as possible concerning your ongoing freight needs. Based on the information you provide, Pak Mail will be able to provide you with a detailed cost estimate that takes into consideration the major steps in the freight shipping process.

Pak Mail offers a number of options designed to work with your individual freight shipping needs. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, residential and commercial shipping both locally and abroad; container and palletized freight; last mile delivery and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping; and truck, ocean, and air shipping options. But it doesn’t stop there. Pak Mail offers a number of additional services to help, such as lift-gate access, inside delivery, and additional declared value coverage should any loss or damage occur.

As packing and shipping specialists, Pak Mail team members will work to ensure your freight is properly packaged so as to minimize any accidental damage that may occur throughout the shipping process. While some items may require nothing more than traditional packaging, large, expensive, and fragile items typically require custom packaging. When you ship freight with Pak Mail, our certified packing and shipping experts take into account the size, weight, shape, value, and fragility of the item to construct a custom packing and shipping option that offers additional protection. Once everything has been packed and your items are en route, you can track your freight shipment on the Pak Mail website so you know where it is every step of the way.

The best part? After the initial setup with Pak Mail, the work on your end is done. Pak Mail will handle all aspects of your ongoing freight shipping needs, from pickup to packaging to choosing the right carrier, so you can focus on running your business.

By using Pak Mail’s ongoing commercial freight and logistics solutions, you can rest assured that you will receive unparalleled service for years to come.