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Popular Holiday Gifts to Ship at Pak Mail

Tomorrow is December 1st. It’s officially gift-giving season. Shoppers across the country will be searching high and low for the best gifts for their family and loved ones. There are many types of gifts given every year, whether they’re sentimental, expensive, one-of-a-kind, ornamental, fragile, etc.

However, no matter how good the gift is, getting it to its intended destination can be difficult, especially if it won’t fit in a car, overhead luggage compartment, or if you’re just staying home for the holidays.

That’s where Pak Mail comes into play. No matter what you’re shipping or where you’re shipping to, the shipping experts at Pak Mail will make sure your precious gifts are packed properly and help you choose the best shipping option for your items.

Here are three popular holiday gifts Pak Mail can help you ship this year:

  1. Glassware

Whether you’ve dove headfirst into the craft beer and spirits frenzy or enjoy a nice glass of wine, glassware and stemware have become a very popular gift for beer and wine lovers alike. However, glassware and stemware can be tricky to get from one place to another because of the risk of breaking during transit. One unexpected bump in the road or unforeseen slam brake can turn a set of wine flutes into a pile or glass. Pak Mail staff is extensively trained in safe and secure packing and shipping for fragile items and glass. Whether you’re shipping 50 pilsner glasses from your favorite breweries or a half dozen personalized wine decanters, Pak Mail will custom pack your items to make sure they arrive in the same condition you bought them in.

  1. Framed Wall Art

Framed wall art has continued to be a big business and something Pak Mail centers see come through quite often. Do you have a friend that just moved into a new place and is looking to decorate? Perhaps a friend of yours is a big Tom Hanks fan and you found a framed movie poster of Forrest Gump you’d like to gift to them. Many of these types of items won’t fit in your airport luggage or in an overhead compartment on an airplane. Even if they do, you don’t want to take the risk of the items bumping around in the bag you put it in and possibly breaking. No matter the size, value, or fragility of the frame, Pak Mail can build a box or custom crate for it to ensure its safe transit and arrival. Pak Mail has been packing and shipping fine art for over 30 years.

  1. Popular Electronics

Obviously, electronics are one of the most popular gifts every year. Pak Mail knows the ins and outs of shipping electronics of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping video games, consoles, TVs, laptops, stereos, or even musical instruments. Pak Mail will work with you to pick the best shipping option to fit your budget and timeline. Pak Mail centers partner with multiple air and ground shipping carriers to offer overnight, two-day, and standard ground shipping options.

When you’re picking out holiday gifts this season, don’t let the size, fragility, or value of an item stop you. The perfect gift comes in all shapes and sizes. If you need help packing or shipping your item, whether domestic or international, call or visit your local Pak Mail.

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