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Ship Those Scary Items at Pak Mail

Shipping packages can be scary, especially when it’s scarily large, fragile, or valuable. Thankfully, when these types of spooky shipments need to go out, Pak Mail is here to help.

Here are three separate scary items that your local Pak Mail can help you ship.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are all over the house. Whether it’s a vanity mirror, full mirror, or handheld, mirrors are apart of our lives. Moving or transporting mirrors is the scary part. Whether or not you believe you’ll get seven years bad luck, you don’t want to break a mirror. No matter what, it’ll need to be replaced. That’s where Pak Mail comes in. Because Pak Mail staff pack and ship household goods on a daily basis, mirrors are no nightmare. They can build a custom crate around a mirror to protect it from damage. That way, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in a moving van.

  1. Antique Dolls

There are plenty of high value antique doll collections out there. Some are sold. Some are collected. Some are even from famous scary movies. As with most coveted antiques, these dolls can be fragile and heavy. Pak Mail’s logistics experts can safely and securely pack and ship one  8-foot doll or eight 1-foot dolls. Depending on fragility level, they will individually protect each doll to make sure they make it to its new home, whether that be in a house or exhibit.

  1. Halloween Artwork

Pak Mail knows the ins and outs of shipping fine art. From wall art and sculptures to photography prints and pottery, Pak Mail can handle it. If you’re a horror movie buff and find vintage movie posters from a classic scarefest, simply bring it to a Pak Mail. They will pack it, frame and all, and can even use expedited air shipping to get your great find home as quickly and safely as possible.

These are just a few examples of the spooky items Pak Mail can pack and ship for you. The next time you’re moving or find something on vacation that’ll be a scary task to get home, just call your local Pak Mail.