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Centennial, Colo - Wednesday, April 01, 2009 With springtime comes the peak of the moving season. Whether across the country or across town, more people make their moves at this time of year, and just about all of those people will experience a high level of anxiety and stress around their move.

The moving experts at Pak Mail centers located around the country offer a comprehensive menu of moving tips to help turn a stressful move into a smooth move. “We tell all of our moving customers to plan ahead for their move. Allow advance time to pack right and well ahead of moving day. We also tell them to take any valuables, jewelry, and medications with them and not pack them away for the movers to handle. We strongly encourage them to use new boxes and the appropriate packing material like bubble wrap or foam wrap, not newspaper,” says John Korpi, Pak Mail franchise partner and regional developer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Every Pak Mail center carries a complete line of moving supplies including, moving boxes, wardrobes, bubble wrap, moving kits, foam wrap, labels, packing peanuts, sealing tape and moving tubes. The professionals at Pak Mail are available for consultation and are equipped to handle small to large moves from start to finish.

Established in 1984, Pak Mail is a premier specialty packaging, shipping and business support franchise with centers located around the country and internationally. For more information, call Pak Mail at 1-800-778-6665 or visit