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What is Air Freight?

Air freight is the shipment of goods via air carrier. Air freight is the quickest and most secure shipping solution and can be used to deliver goods both domestically and internationally.

What You Need to Know About Air Freight

Businesses looking to expand their services into new territories, including overseas, often use air freight to ship their products to a new customer base. This can be an intimidating step that requires research and a basic understanding of how air freight works. Here are a few things to know about air freight services.

  1. There are three types of air freight shipping.

    Cargo plane: This is the most common method of transporting goods through the air. This type of aircraft is specifically designed to hold as many shipments as possible.

    Passenger plane: Commercial airlines commonly ship goods in the same aircraft that they transport passengers. Due to added security issues, there are more restrictions on the shipments allowed on a passenger plane, but smaller packages are commonly shipped on the cargo area of a commercial airliner.

    Charter plane: This is the most expensive type of air freight shipping because the aircraft is devoted solely to your shipment. Charter flights ensure that your time-sensitive shipment is delivered directly to its destination.
  2. Almost any product can be delivered via air.

    Air freight is often associated with large shipments, but air freight offers efficient services for smaller shipments as well. The cost of air freight services is determined by dimensional weight, making it a cost-effective option for small and medium-size businesses looking to expand their sales footprint.
  3. The primary benefit of air freight services is speed. 

    Air travel allows goods to be delivered anywhere on the globe in a matter of days. If delivery speed is a priority, air freight services are your best bet. Delivery by sea, rail, or road can take weeks by comparison.

    The primary disadvantage of air freight services is cost. The convenience and speed of air freight services comes at a price. Air freight services are more expensive than other shipping options not only because of convenience, but also due to the regulations that must be satisfied for domestic and international air travel.

How to Arrange for Air Freight Services

The easiest and most efficient way to arrange for air freight services is through an experienced freight shipping company. Pak Mail offers comprehensive air freight and logistics services that are tailored to your specific shipment. Our network of air carriers has been built and refined over 30 years, allowing us to give our customers the safest and most reliable air freight services at the best cost in the industry. For more information on air freight and Pak Mail air freight services, contact the Pak Mail location in your area.